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B2B Franchisee Satisfaction Survey Data Reveals The Most Profitable Sectors & More

B2B Franchisee Satisfaction Survey Data Reveals The Most Profitable Sectors & More

Nearly 5,000 B2B franchisees were surveyed by Franchise Business Review to shed light on what it’s like to own a B2B franchise. Read what their responses revealed.

Office Pride B2B franchise

Types of B2B Franchises

B2B franchises focus on selling products or services to companies or business owners and often eventually become the “trusted expert” of their clients. To learn about the two types of B2B franchises, read on.


10 Reasons to Invest in a B2B Franchise

If you enjoy sales and building relationships, a B2B franchise may provide the perfect opportunity for you to finally hand in your resignation and own and operate your own business. Learn why.

U.S. Lawns franchisee Jarrod Boever

Traits of an Ideal B2B Franchisee

As a result of providing much needed cost and time saving services and products to businesses, B2B services are in high demand. See if you have the traits it takes to be successful owning one.

B2B Franchise Payroll Vault

7 Insights From Successful B2B Franchisees

If you’re considering investing in a B2B franchise, you likely have a lot of questions including how to get started and what your life as a franchisee will be like. To help answer them, Franchise Business Review asked three successful B2B franchisees to share their experiences.

Top Franchises for Women: Satisfaction Statistics

Franchise Business Review’s 2017 Top Franchises for Women Survey Highlights

Get a feel for what female franchisees think of franchising and what their lives are like by reviewing the data highlights from Franchise Business Review’s survey of 6,400 female franchisees.