Make Your Entrepreneurial Resolution a Month Early

New years resolution list against overhead view of an desk

Let’s start with something we can all agree on… Everyone likes a good deal and no one wants a hassle. And with that in mind, there are certain pieces of advice that most people would be wise to stick by.

Don’t shop for a car on Saturday the 1st of any month. The dealership is busy on the weekends and monthly sales quotas just refreshed… your salesperson is hopeful for a strong month and not desperate to get the sale done.

Don’t book a flight for Wednesday night through Sunday of Thanksgiving week. Some of us are very recently guilty of this. It’s when everyone else is flying, too. Demand is sky high and supply is lower, meaning the airlines will be saying “thanks for giving us your cash.”

Avoid the gym in January. We’re not suggesting dropping your workouts altogether, but any gym regular knows the chaos that the first few weeks of the year brings. It’s great that so many people resolve to get in shape, and we wish them all the best, but the anecdotal evidence suggest a majority of them will lose the momentum after a few weeks and you can stop worrying about a line for the elliptical machine.

Let’s stick with that last one for a moment. January is the month of resolutions. One common one: “Start a business.” Our website traffic spikes dramatically in January, and we’re certainly not unique in that regard.

It’s both exciting and frustrating for franchise companies. On one hand, there is a huge number of inquiries coming in from people wanting to know more about their brand. On the other hand, it can be overwhelming for the franchise sales team and many of those inquirers are not quite ready to have a serious discussion.

That brings us to a piece of advice for you. Are you going to resolve to start a business in 2017? Do you want to hit the ground running in January? Then get started NOW! Beat the New Year’s rush and get your conversations started. That way, while everyone else is spending the first week of January compiling a list of brands they might be interested in, you’ll already have some info on hand and some contacts eager to stay in touch as you consider your options.

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And remember: Don’t pick just one company to inquire to. Always give yourself options, even if you’re secretly hoping that your first choice proves itself to be your favorite!

Michael Kupfer

Michael is the Online Marketing Manager at FBR, specializing in search and email marketing, while also helping to create much of FBR's webinar programs and content. When not at the office, Michael spends his time running, hiking the White Mountains with his wife, watching baseball, and serving as a volunteer tutor at the Dover Adult Learning Center.