Buying a Franchise articles

Franchising is making business ownership possible for many veterans.

What Veterans Who Own a Franchise Think About the Experience

To identify 2016’s Top Franchises for Veterans, Franchise Business Review analyzed data provided by 2,500 veterans who own franchises. Read about how they feel about franchising.


List of 2016’s Top Low-Cost Franchises With The Most Satisfied Franchisees is Released by Franchise Business Review

For less than $100,000 and as little as $2,095, you can be your own boss! See the list of 80 franchises that made our 2016 top-low cost franchises list based on the satisfaction scores they were given by their franchisees.


How to Avoid the Most Common Tax Penalties Franchisees Face

About one in three small businesses will face fines and penalties at some point in their operations due to mistakes, inaccuracies and other errors. Learn about the most common tax penalties for small businesses and how to avoid them.


Considering Investing in a Food or Beverage Franchise? Read This!

For the right person, a food or beverage franchise offers an exciting, customer-facing, rewarding business opportunity. There is, however, a lot to consider prior to investing in one. Learn the ins and outs of doing so and about today’s top opportunities here.


Summer’s Hottest Franchise Offerings

Summer means a jump in temperatures and sales for certain franchises. Read about some of the hottest of the season, which are also rated very highly by the franchisees who own them.