Top Franchises 2017 articles


Russ Russell’s Franchising Career Sets Sail With Cruise Planners

Russ Russell’s Franchising Career Sets Sail With Cruise Planners

Russ Russel began his career as a Cruise Planners franchisee while holding down a full time job. Learn how he did it and what his franchising experience has been like.

Zack and Albert Conord, Office Pride

Father and Son Chose Franchising With Office Pride Over Going Out on Their Own

Originally Zack Conord and his father were going to open their own commercial cleaning business. Learn why they decided to pursue franchising instead.

Matt Johnson & Kathy Quniby-Johnson

Senior Care Authority Franchisees Feel Their Business is a Blessing

The Johnsons purchased their Senior Care Authority franchise as a result of their experience searching for senior housing and care for their own parents. Learn about their franchising experience.

David Lasater

Franchisee David Lasater Likes Family Fare’s Focus on Being the Best

David Lasater shares why after working for many years in the convenience store sector he chose to invest in a Family Fare franchise.

Weslee Washington

Speed to Market Attracted Sanford Rose Associates’ Franchisee Weslee Washington

Weslee Washington wanted to be in business for himself, and quickly. Sanford Rose Associates’ ability to make this happen led him to become a franchisee. Learn about his franchising experience.

Jim Holwerda

A Desire to Make Money For Himself Vs. Others Led Franchisee Jim Holwerda to Remedy Intelligent Staffing

After becoming tired of working in the staffing industry making a lot of money for someone else, Jim Holwerda invested in a Remedy Intelligent Staffing franchise. Learn more about his story.


Getting Started in Franchising

  Regardless of your business experience or skill set, if you are thinking of owning a franchise, here are some things you need to consider. What Interests You: Many people compare entering a franchise agreement to a marriage. You have to be sure the business will hold your interest over the term of the franchise