Franchise Buyer’s Workshop


Break the chains of corporate America!

We’ll help you find right franchise opportunity.

This interactive three-part workshop will show you how to identify, evaluate, and choose the right franchise for you.

Each 60-minute session will be hosted by Franchise Business Review CEO Eric Stites, with additional insight from guest panelists


You’ll Learn How To:

  • Determine if you’re a good fit
  • Understand investment and cashflow factors
  • Ask the right questions when comparing brands
  • …and SO much more!

AND… Receive a Complimentary Franchise Buyer’s Toolkit (normally $69).

Workshop schedule:

(all sessions will be approximately 60 minutes in length)

Session 1 – January 19, 3:00 pm EDT 

“What About ME?” Assessing Yourself as a Future Franchise Owner.

With input from two current franchisees as guest panelists, Eric will help you understand what skills and experience are most beneficial to you as a franchise operator. He’ll also dive into various other topics, such as:

  • Corporate culture and franchisee community
  • Identifying your personal lifestyle and retirement goals
  • The importance of being able to follow the franchise system
Session 2 – January 24, 3:00 pm EDT

Comparing Strengths and Weaknesses of Franchise Brands

Comparing brands can become a “black hole” when you don’t know where to focus. Eric will guide you through the steps of determining which brand is truly the best option for you, through:

  • Narrowing your search
  • Talking to franchisors
  • Talking to franchisees
  • Negotiating terms and using franchise attorneys
Session 3 – January 26, 3:00 pm EDT

The True Cost Implications of Starting a Franchise Business

The financial figures that a franchise brand discloses do not always paint a complete picture of what’s really involved. NY-based franchise attorney Richard Rosen joins us to guide you through understanding the figures and knowing what other costs might be involved. We’ll take a look at:

  • Initial investments
  • Additional startup/ramp-up costs
  • Understanding Item 19 disclosures
  • Financing options