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American Poolplayers Association



Cash Required


Total Startup Investment

$20,763 - $28,648

Net Worth Required

Year Founded


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US/Canada Franchise Units


Franchise Owner Reviews

Reviewed by 187 franchise owners (71% of owners)

About the APA

The American Poolplayers Association (APA) is the World’s Largest Amateur Pool League. With nearly 250,000 members throughout the United States, Canada and Japan, the APA awards nearly $2 million in guaranteed prize money every year during the APA Championships in Las Vegas! In the APA, everyone can play… anyone can win – even you!

Leveling the the Playing Field

The Equalizer® system lets players of any skill level compete against each other evenly.

With The Equalizer®, it’s feasible for a beginner to have a nearly equal chance in a match against a more highly skilled player. The Equalizer® aids the lesser skilled player by dictating mathematically that he/she needs to win fewer games or points than his opponent to win the match. (In golf and bowling, you give or get strokes or pins.)


To saturate every market with the fun and excitement of APA pool!


Our growth strategy is simple: To create VERY satisfied and loyal Members, Teams, and Host Locations who recommend us to others.

We Believe In...

Above all else, APA believes in earning and maintaining trust with our franchisees and members through honesty, integrity, respect and fairness. We ask everyone in our network to adhere to our Vision and strive for personal and professional success.

Successful APA Franchisee and League Operator Traits

  1. Enjoy meeting and interacting with diverse groups of people
  2. Are able to work independently and love building teams
  3. Are willing to cold-call new host sites
  4. Are confident in their social skills
  5. Outgoing and goal-oriented with a get-it-done attitude
  6. Experience in sales and/or marketing
  7. Financially stable with a positive net worth
  8. Should be skilled in Microsoft Office, Excel, and online navigation

Financial Breakdown

Initial Franchise Fee (based on population of territory): $10,000-14,000

Initial Investment: $20,763-28,648

Download Free Report

Download the franchisee satisfaction report on American Poolplayers Association absolutely free

Download Free Report

Download the franchisee satisfaction report on American Poolplayers Association absolutely free


Corporate Contact Information

American Poolplayers Association

American Poolplayers Association
1000 Lake St. Louis Blvd
Suite 325
St. Louis, MO 63367