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$44,000 - $60,000

Total Startup Investment

$90,000 - $149,000

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Reviewed by 41 franchise owners (87% of owners)

A Business to Change Brains and Change Lives

If you have been looking for an exciting business that will help change lives through an intellectually stimulating environment, look no further! LearningRx provides customers with a unique experience to exercise their mental facilities.

According to sharpbrains.com, the brain fitness industry surged to more than $1 billion in 2012 (from $200 million in 2005). The industry is expected to surpass $6 billion by 2020. LearningRx is actually at the forefront of a new, rapidly growing industry that we believe is the future of educational franchising. In 2003, Dr. Ken Gibson and his daughter, Chief Research and Development Officer, Tanya Mitchell, began franchising LearningRx and have grown to over units across the country. This program has helped more than 100,000 students and their families across the world.

Variety of Programs for ALL Ages

Unlike tutoring practices, LearningRx takes on students of all ages for a variety of programs to boost their cognitive abilities. We work with individuals from ages from 4 to 94, one-on-one with our personal brain trainers. There are no other educational programs that focus on training the the 7 core cognitive skills needed to think, learn, and remember.

Our programs include:

  • ThinkRx
  • ReadRx
  • MathRx
  • ComprehendRx
  • LiftOff
  • StudyRx
  • Brain Booster

About 75% of our LearningRx student population is comprised of school-aged children; within that population, the majority are struggling students (ADHD, learning disabled, dyslexic, slow learners, and students with other learning diagnoses). The remaining 25% of our student population is comprised of career adults, traumatic brain injury patients, and senior adults. We have seen amazing results with all of our students that you can learn more about here.

Teachable Training and Endless Support

Training is a top priority for us! Before you even open your LearningRxLearningRx Center, you will have the opportunity to shadow one of our existing franchisees in their center. You will also attend our 10-day franchise training in Colorado Springs. After your center opens, you will receive up to 3 onsite visits with a member of our LearningRxLearningRx support team, as well as a visit with one of our best-converting franchisees to fine-tune your consultation skills. We also offer ongoing training to your team through our LearningRxLearningRx Online University, Intensive Training sessions, and annual conventions.

Who can be a LearningRx franchisee?

The only requirement to being a LearningRx franchisee is having a four year degree. Our franchisees come from many different backgrounds, including educators and entrepreneurs. The most successful franchisees have a passion for sales, networking, and marketing. They are looking for a fulfilling, full-time career educating their community’s professionals, business owners, and families about our unique, life-changing programs designed for all ages.

If you are interested in being contacted by one of our team members and learning more about LearningRx, fill out the form below!

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Download Free Report

Download the franchisee satisfaction report on LearningRx absolutely free


Corporate Contact Information


Learning Rx, Inc.
5085 List Drive
Suite 201
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Phone: 719-955-6703
Email: [email protected]