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Total Startup Investment

$60,800 - $139,515

Net Worth Required


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Franchise Owner Reviews

Reviewed by 98 franchise owners (59% of owners)

Verified Mr. Appliance Owner Review

Stewart, Overall Brand Rating: 89 FSI

Single-Unit Owner, Small Market (50,000 - 99,999)

“I am very pleased with the communication across our system. I also think that technology is one of our largest market differentiators and I can't wait to see where we continue to go. I would have to say I'm not 100% sure where my national marketing dollars go, and would like to know that. (I've never asked)” - Stewart, Mr. Appliance Franchise Owner

Justin, Overall Brand Rating: 90 FSI

Single -Unit Owner, Large Market (250,000 - 450,000)

“The software is air tight. Each of our team members can use his portion of it very effectively. All the improvements have been positive. The system works once it gets going. Starting out it's sometimes hard to get team members on board, because they have to be trained, which costs money you don't have. plus it’s hard to have confidence in your business, because you're not sure. Once you're established, it speaks for itself and people want to work for you. You have cash flow you can put into bringing up new people, give them wings and then you can let them fly.” - Justin, Mr.Appliance Franchise Owner

Valerie, Overall Brand Rating: 80 FSI

Single-Unit Owner, Major Metro (500,000+)

“I believe the franchisor could have been/should be more forthcoming about the challenges of finding skilled technicians. Small and new franchisees struggle with this. I've been in business three years and still struggle, and it's not because I don't recruit. There is simply a shortage. I don't expect the franchisor to fix this for me, but I do wish they were more open about it.” - Valerie, Mr. Appliance Franchise Owner

Mr. Appliance Expert Review

Mr. Appliance has been franchising since 1996 and is owned by Neighborly, formerly known as The Dwyer Group. Neighborly owns 19 franchise brands and is one of the world’s largest parent companies of home service brands, acquired by Harvest Partners, LP, a New York based private equity firm.

Mr. Appliance is a good option for current or former appliance repair business owners who are looking to convert their current business or who are interested in getting back into business ownership but with the backing of a franchise team. Of course, it is not required that you have previous experience in the appliance repair industry to start your own Mr. Appliance, but you should have solid technical and customer service skills as well as the dedication required to learn a new business and get it off the ground.

Current Mr. Appliance franchise owners rate the brand highly when it comes to core values and community but say that Neighborly could provide in the areas of Training and Support and Financial Opportunity, noting that although fees and overall investment are average, long-term growth looks strong. Franchisees note that the greatest challenge they face as Mr. Appliance owners is managing cash flow and hiring key staff, which is a common struggle for most business owners across industries, but especially in the trades where skilled technicians can be hard to find.

Our Bottom Line: If you have experience in the appliance repair space and you are willing to take on the challenge of recruiting and retaining skilled technicians, Mr. Appliance is a great option as it is a top-rated brand in the home services space.

Mr. Appliance Franchisee Profile

Tenure - 64% of Mr. Appliance owners have been open and operating 5 years or less (32% - less than 2 years, 32% - 2-5 years)

Units/Territories - 66% of Mr. Appliance owners own/run a single unit/territory

Location - 41% of Mr. Appliance owners are located in the South

Market Size - 36% of Mr. Appliance owners operate in markets with 500,000+ population (Major Metro)

Work Hours - The majority of Mr. Appliance owners work 60+ hours/week

Work Weekends - 37% of Mr. Appliance owners state "they almost always work weekends"

Flexibility - 37% of Mr. Appliance owners state their work schedule is flexible

Work-Life Balance - 40% of Mr. Appliance owners say they have a balanced work-life

Age Group - 81% of Mr. Appliance owners are 45 years or older

Sex - 80% of the respondents to our FBR survey are male

Awards and Recognition

Top 200 Franchise (2010, 2019)

Top Low-Cost Franchise (2014, 2019)

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Corporate Contact Information

Mr. Appliance

1020 N. University Parks Dr.
Waco, TX 76707

Brad Knieriem
Phone: 254.759.5821
Email: [email protected]