Emerging Franchises of 2018

Interesting Upstarts:

These brands have been in business less than five years (2013), but are already showing potential for sustained success and growth. Newer franchise concepts can carry additional risk for potential franchisees, but many entrepreneurs like the idea of being there from the beginning and being part of helping a brand evolve and mature.

Breakout Brands:

In their first 10 years of business, these franchise brands have passed the 100 unit milestone. That achievement alone speaks highly of their franchise development team, but paired with high franchisee satisfaction, it shows that the leaders and support staff of the franchise systems are scaling the business and support to accommodate their growing number of owners.

Brands to Watch:

These franchise brands have been in business less than 10 years. Through slower, methodical growth, they've made sure their franchisees' expectations are being met before adding more owners and units to their system. With their strong satisfaction among current owners, more steady growth may be on the horizon.