Top Low-Cost Franchises of 2017

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High Quality Franchise Brands You Can Afford

When you think of franchises, what brands come to mind? McDonald’s, The UPS Store, Subway, Planet Fitness? These omnipresent franchises require a high investment, but thankfully there are hundreds of concepts that cost far less to get started.
The 80 brands that made our Top Low-Cost Franchises list all have a minimum investment of under $100,000. To identify them, we looked at franchisee satisfaction survey data from 13,000 franchisees representing 123 brands that we collected between October 2015 and April 2017. Only brands whose franchisees ranked them highly made the cut.
Starting your franchise research with franchisee approved brands, helps to increase your chance of success. You’ll notice as you review the list of Top Low-Cost Franchises that there is one for every budget and interest.

The List: Top 80 Low-Cost Franchises of 2017!

Look for these icons: Brand's franchisee satisfaction report offers insight into its leadership, financial opportunity and much more. Franchisee Q&A sheds light on the franchise lifestyle and experience.