Franchise Research Tip: Don't Limit Yourself to One Industry

Rather than just admiring how efficiently a restaurant owner directs his team or simply standing back and admiring how incredible your carpets look after being professionally cleaned, do you tend to take the entrepreneurial view of “This is something I could do for a living” regarding these experiences?

Starting a business you think you’d enjoy from scratch is the slower and riskier way to be your own boss, while buying a proven franchise offers a jump-start option. When you buy a franchise, there are systems in place that help you start and run your new business in an organized fashion. In addition, you receive ongoing support from the franchisor and have a network of fellow franchisees to tap into.

While we certainly encourage you to follow your passion and pursue businesses that interest you, it’s also important to give yourself a variety of types of businesses to consider. This will give you more context for comparing the many aspects of the brands that top your list and may also open your eyes to excellent opportunities you would never have found otherwise.

Featured below are six of our favorite franchise brands, representing six different industry sectors. Each has been featured on our Top Franchises list as a result of their high franchisee satisfaction rankings.

We suggest you take a moment to review these brands. You can quickly and easily get additional (and free) information about their unique systems by filling out the contact form for whichever ones pique your interest.


Type: In-Home Senior Care

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Type: Nature Retailer

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Type: Mosquito Control Services

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Type: Home Remodeling

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Type: Visual Business Communications

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Type: Fitness Club

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What makes franchisee satisfaction so important?

See why we rate these and other great franchise brands so highly in our annual research:

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