Franchise systems are the way they are for a reason…they are effective. If you follow them, you’ll have a far greater chance of success than if you do not. After all, franchisors spend a tremendous amount of time, money, and energy to perfect them since they want their franchisees to be as successful as possible, which in turn results in more sales and royalties for the franchisor.

“Learn the franchise systems and follow the plan. There can be a tendency to sometimes think we can do things better or that some program is not going to work in our area. Franchise systems and plans are developed to work in all areas,” says Budget Blinds franchisee, Quent Blodgett, who is a 2017 Franchisee Rockstar. “Our franchise provides a great foundation that if you follow the plan pretty much guarantees success. It allows for systems to be adapted to meet local needs to gain even greater success but it is important to follow the basic plan especially when first starting out.”

In 2003 Blogett purchased an underperforming existing Budget Blinds franchise. Today, he says the business has grown tenfold. Blogett had no experience in window coverings or running his own business and credits his franchisor for providing him with the vision and tools to grow it.

Don’t “Fix” What Isn’t Broken

If you find something within the system isn’t working for you, bring it to the attention of your franchisor or franchisees. It’s likely that someone else has had a similar problem and that you’ll be told what the solution is. If yours is a challenge that has not yet been addressed, then the franchisor will likely try to find a solution to it since its success is tied to yours.

If you decide to go ahead and re-invent the wheel by departing from the system without your franchisor's approval, be prepared for some unpleasant fall-out. Franchisors typically penalize franchisees who do so since their deviating from the system can damage the brand, which hurts the franchisor’s bottom line as well as that of other franchisees. You may even have your right to do business under the franchisor's name revoked.

Have Patience

"I have seen new franchise owners who expect a quick return on investment because they thought the franchise business model helps them take an express lane to success," says Daejin Suh,who owns a Dream Vacations franchise and is a 2017 Rockstar Franchisee. "All new businesses need time to become established while the owners gain experience and referrals. Have patience until you achieve your goal. I sold only five cruise bookings in the first year of my business. Success doesn't come overnight."

Suh is one of Dream Vacations' Top Producers.

Franchises With Systems That Work According to Their Franchisees

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