Mary Beth Motisi, Rock Star Franchise Owner, Online Trading Academy

An unexpected detour at the age of 14 left Mary Beth Motisi feeling uncertain about her future. Her life changed when she joined Online Trading Academy as a student, and later when she bought a franchise of her own; an experience she says has transformed her life. This year, Mary was named an FBR Franchisee Rock Star. 

"Mary Beth knows first hand the tremendous value of our education, and she passionately shares her convictions with her students and staff alike." - Gene Longobardi, COO, Online Trading Academy 

What advice do you have for someone considering investing in a franchise?

Do your due diligence not only on the business factors but also the Brand and the Leadership of the Franchise Organization.  Engage conversations with current Franchisees.  Prepare yourself for a “Life Transformation.” The responsibilities, education, skill building, commitment and the necessary adjustments to your personal life.  A strong franchisor will be there to educate, coach, support and mentor you through the process of building a successful business. Someone once told me “If you want to be Successful- surround yourself with Successful People.”


What are you most proud of when it comes to your career in franchising?

I am proud of our Brand. I am proud of our Culture. I am proud of the community and fellowship we have among our staff, students and network. I not only received the opportunity to build an amazing business, I also gained a loving family. 

Becoming a franchisee for Online Trading Academy was not a difficult decision for me to make.  I had fallen in love with Online Trading Academy as a student. My experience as a student/graduate was invaluable.  It gave me the vision of how I wanted my Campus to operate, which is a direct reflection of myself.    


What was your career path before you entered Franchising?

As a child, I had a vision and hopes of being a successful business woman.  When I was 14-years-old my life was turned upside down.  Any opportunity I thought I would have to go to college was no longer in my future.  On to plan “B”: employment.  I needed to secure a position with a reputable company.  I was fortunate that McDonald’s Corporation responded to my resume and offered me a position as a “Manager Trainee.”  That was my start. I am proud to say that I spent 23 years with McDonald’s Corporation in various Restaurant Operational positions. Looking back now, it was the most valuable education I could have ever received.  College could have not compared to the work experiences and the specialized education McDonald’s provided. 


As a business owner, what has been the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome? 

Myself not being completely prepared for the “Life Transformation” of becoming an Online Trading Academy franchisee. This business brought on challenges that I had limited experienced in: Financial Education, Sales and Marketing.  My roles with McDonald’s Corporation were always involved around the operations and profitability of the restaurants. And with any business, the key to success is in finding quality candidates.  I am thankful that my franchisor put an incredible Recruiting Team on to support the Network.  Another very big challenge for me was that my new business was not at home.  Moving across the country by myself was an adjustment in its own and starting a new business without your family and friends' support at your side was very difficult.  I had to rely on what made me successful in the past.  It wasn’t higher education, as I never attended college.  Someone once asked me, “What makes you successful?” My reply was,  ”You need five things: good common sense, a strong work ethic, good people skills, high standards and a good coach.”  You have to dig deep, learn and master the skills you need, and have love and passion for what you do. What a welcoming, pleasant surprise it was for me to have the support and mentorship from my franchisor and network.  


What do you like most about your Franchise organization?

I love who we are, what we do, how we do it.  Our number one focus is for our Students’ Success.   I have been a franchisee for 9 years and a student before that. Every year, I am amazed with the innovation put forth by this organization to build on our Students’ Success and Network development. 

I have watched the Online Trading Academy Family grow with love and respect for each other as it gets stronger every year.  I am blessed to have an organization and network that has my back through both the good and bad times.  Sadly, things happen. Like hurricanes in Houston.  This is when a true leader and organization prevails.  From myself, my staff and my students, thank you for your generosity, love and support. 

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