Top Automotive Franchises of 2017

People are driving more than ever before, putting a 3.22 trillion miles on the roads last year in the U.S. alone. While more cars and more drivers may mean more traffic, it also means the automotive industry is revving up.

Auto repair, car rental, parts, and even tools, all offer franchise opportunities for those who want to get behind the wheel (in some cases literally) of their own business. Buying a franchise provides a roadmap for success - if you follow it as directed and you choose a franchise that has a proven track record.

Franchise Business Review surveyed thousands of franchisees from dozens of automotive brands to identify the Top Automotive Franchises based exclusively on the satisfaction and reviews of actual franchise owners.

If you’re seriously considering an automotive services franchise, start your research with these eight brands, listed in no specific order.

Here are the brands that rolled to the top for 2017:

Christian Brothers Automotive

Christian Brothers offers an auto service business focused on creating positive connections with their customers and deeply rooted in faith-based principles. An overall Top Franchise for more than 10 years - and the highest scoring brand on the list - Christian Brothers has grown to 170+ locations throughout the U.S. since they started franchising in 1996. They have an impressive 100% success rate with no closures; however, opening a Christian Brothers franchise does require a significant investment.

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Startup investment: $403,200 - $474,600


Snap-On Tools

With an impressive 4,200+ locations worldwide, Snap-on Tools is well-established brand with a recognizable name. Snap-on is one of the two mobile businesses on the list, and because there’s no real estate cost to operate a Snap-on franchise, the overall initial investment is somewhat lower than a brick and mortar shop.

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Startup investment: $169,503 - $350,000



A home-based, mobile business specializing in restoration of leather, plastic, and vinyl, Fibrenew is typically a single-operator model. Promising a “lifestyle franchise business”, Fibrenew is also a low-cost franchise, requiring a minimum investment of just $75,000.

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Startup investment: $75,000 - $101,800


Auto Appraisal Network

With the lowest start-up costs on the list, Auto Appraisal Network offers franchise owners the opportunity to turn a passion for custom and collector cars into a business. Appraisers are required to have some automotive experience and background.

Startup investment: $12,000 - $30,000


Mighty Auto Parts

Founded in 1963, Mighty Auto Parts is driving expansion in the U.S. and Canada, as well as internationally. Unlike most retail auto parts businesses, Mighty Auto Parts is a wholesale-only model, providing parts and inventory management to auto service shops.

Start up investment: $175,000 - $275,000


Priceless Rent-A-Car

The car rental industry has never been bigger. Priceless offers an opportunity to take advantage of this growing segment, offering local rental services and used car sales to value-conscious customers.

Start up investment: $159,000 - $459,607


RNR Tires Express

No need to reinvent the wheel! RNR Tire Express is a tire and custom wheel service with more than 100 locations. RNR emphasizes affordable, pay-as-you go, installment plans for their customers.

Start up investment: $400,000 - $700,000


Tint World

As the name suggests, Tint World is a window tinting and auto styling service. Franchising since just 2007, they offer a variety of opportunities for all levels of entrepreneurs, including single-store, multi-unit, conversions, and co-branded stores.

Start up investment: $108,000 - $198,000

Regardless of which franchise business you choose to invest in, be sure to do your homework. Talk to franchisees and ask them the hard questions. Are they getting the support they need from corporate? Does their business model provide a competitive advantage? Are they optimistic about their growth and the future growth of the brand? For a complete listing of today’s top franchise opportunities, visit our Top Franchises awards list.

At the end of the day, your success in franchising will ultimately be up to you. Owning any business requires a lot of hard work, and while franchising offers a proven model and support, it’s not  a “silver bullet.” Find a business that gets you excited to go to work everyday – and then work hard to make that business successful. We wish you all the best!