Providing Services Business Owners Don’t Enjoy Keeps David Stein’s Office Pride Busy

David Stein owns an Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services franchise and is an Area Developer for the brand. In addition to running his business, he assists fellow franchisees across the country by training and coaching them. Stein also contributes his experience to help with to the strategic development of the brand’s business model. He shared his franchising experience with Franchise Business Review.


David Stein’s (center) Office Pride franchise keeps businesses sparkling.

What specific business advice do you have for franchisees when it comes to succeeding in franchising? Perform the proper due diligence to make sure you have fully vetted the prospective franchisor. Once you invest in an opportunity, follow the franchisor’s advice and direction. The majority of franchises succeed when franchisees do so. Many new non-franchised businesses fail because they have no support or guidance.

Has franchising met your personal and financial goals? I’ve had some good jobs in the past within the office equipment and in particular medical device fields. My corporate career was in sales, sales management, and executive management. I’m earning more than I ever did in any of those fields. It’s really what I call a “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” type of industry. Commercial Cleaning flies under many people’s radar, but I can tell you that in tough economic times, companies will cut back on training, advertising, and marketing, but will not take out their own trash.

My corporate career was in sales, sales management, and executive management. Personally, I’m earning more than I ever did in any of those fields.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your career in franchising? We are one of the smallest markets within our franchise organization, yet are producing among the highest revenues. As we’ve created a growing organization, we’ve also helped people grow individually. Providing a situation for others to earn income and provide jobs is an honorable endeavor. Knowing members of our key staff have bettered their lifestyles through our franchise is rewarding to see.

How did you decide upon franchising? The biggest influencing factors were and still are independence, flexibility, and job security. I never again want to be in a position where someone else gets to decide if I go to work tomorrow. A friend found the Office Pride opportunity and I helped him get his franchise started. Two years later, I was able to get my own started and I’ve never looked back. It’s the best professional and career decision I ever made.

The support I receive is constant, consistent, clear, and correct. Office Pride is top caliber when it comes to engaging franchise owners.

Why did you select the franchise brand you did? The first thing that attracted me to Office Pride was the company culture. My faith has been the foundational support of my adult life. I grew dissatisfied with things I saw within the traditional corporate world and wanted “something more”. In the nine years I’ve been a part of Office Pride, never once have I seen anything that would deviate from my expectation of that culture. The second piece was the business model and business systems that are in place. The initial cash investment is very reasonable, making it easy to get started. The cash flow is simple to figure out and begins quickly. While no one in the business gets rich quick, I’ve always seen that anything that takes time to build, will stand stronger if things get tough and be more resistant to failing based on a single event.

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What kind of support from your franchisor has contributed most to your success? The support I receive is constant, consistent, clear, and correct. Office Pride is top caliber when it comes to engaging franchise owners. The company retreats provide an atmosphere of learning, relationship building, and refreshing. Regional retreats provide a forum for company updates and best practice sharing. Monthly Innovation Lab conference calls and Peer Group calls are vital to the success and engagement of Office Pride franchisees. Our internal communication site called “The Vine” is the keeper of all information, updates and general sharing of experience.

How do your fellow franchisees help you succeed? Those who have been here for a while are not “like family” to me, they are family. We talk frequently, share ideas and challenges, and help provide solutions for each other.

Office Pride Background Information

David researched Office Pride prior to investing in it. To assist you with doing the same, we compiled information about it for you below.

You can see how Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services’ franchisees rank it in area’s that are crucial to the health of a franchise including leadership, culture, and training, by reading its full franchisee satisfaction report.

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