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InXpress has almost 300 franchisees worldwide, and nearly 100 in the United States. Franchisees don’t handle boxes or load trucks. They act as consultants or specialists. Here's how it works:

National and global shipping companies (like DHL) focus a lot of their efforts on supporting large national and global Fortune 1000 companies. Like any smart business, they offer the best deals and best service to customers who provide them substantial recurring revenue. Small and mid-sized businesses don’t buy enough services to command significant price breaks or personalized attention. Yet they have the same needs.

InXpress changes this equation. We operate as a buying group to bundle the collective purchasing power of thousands of small and medium-sized business. We then guarantee carriers tens of millions of dollars in business each year and negotiate strong discounts as a result — lower than any single small or mid-sized business could negotiate on its own.  

InXpress - $700B Shipping IndustryA Booming Industry

In the United States alone, the $700 billion shipping industry is expected to be valued at $1.3 trillion by 2023. Demand for shipping continues to grow as global trade grows. InXpress has found our niche by teaming with DHL and other carriers to offer big discounts to small and mid-sized businesses through the power of bundling, as well as high touch customer service.


Our CEO Dustin Hansen explains why now is the time to own an InXpress franchise:



Successful InXpress franchisees come from all walks of life and have varied and diverse backgrounds. From salespeople to managers, from business people to accountants, housewives and teachers, they all have something in common, the desire and driving ambition to be successful running their own business.

Our franchisees are sales minded people with an air for business, who enjoy going out and marketing their services. InXpress provides the foundation for business that will offer people, with commitment and enterprise, the opportunity for high financial rewards.

Of course success always requires drive, commitment and enthusiasm backed by determination to make it happen. The entrepreneurial spirit is a precious and valuable commodity, that's why with the right application and opportunity, it pays well.

The right application of the above will offer you residual income and earning that you only dream of and give you the freedom we all want to have.  

Proven Concept with Long Experience

Since 1999 we have developed our franchise concept and through sustained growth this has made InXpress the world's largest franchiser of worldwide express parcel delivery and transportation services.

InXpress Franchise ValuesWe have what you are looking for; a long history, experience in managing a successful franchise business were we want to ensure everyone wins. Furthermore we have significant experience and expertise in the transportation industry. We are in the best position to support you being successful. We know how to provide market leading transportation solutions to each customer, which will always be our focus.

We are totally dedicated to being customer centric; therefore your task is simply to find customers to whom you can provide best-in-class customer service and market leading customer experience in the transportation industry. We will share our experience in running a successful franchise business and our transportation knowledge, we will expect you to have the experience of selling the solutions from world-class carriers and provide the customer experience and service that small to medium size enterprise expects.

We have customers in all corners of the world that now enjoy preferential rates on their international and domestic express, freight and mail services together with unparalleled best-in-class customer service.  

The Concept | Simple and Profitable | It Works Like This…

We strong believe our training, development and support backed with our experience can lead to you being successful

inxpress_infographic_10InXpress leverages our global agreements with world-class carriers to secure preferential rates, and provide international express, domestic express, freight and mail services to customers.

These preferential rates are passed on to the customer by an InXpress franchisee who sells the transportation services, manages the customer relationship providing best-in-class customer services, and performs associated administrative activities such as invoicing, accounting and collecting money from the customer.

The carriers pickup, transport and deliver the consignments. That's all there is to it and everybody wins. The carrier's services are sold by a sales force that does not need training, motivation or compensation. The customer receives world-class services and saves money. The InXpress franchisee profits from each consignment.  

Who We're Looking For

Thinking about becoming an InXpress franchisee?

  • You must have sales experience or an aptitude for sales.
  • A background in the shipping industry isn’t really important. What matters most is your drive, your ability to follow a proven business model and your love of the authentic relationship-building that drives sales. We can develop your sales skills as long as you have the desire to learn.
  • The purchase price of our franchise is $49,700, and we recommend that our franchise candidates have a minimum of $75,000 in liquid assets.

The difference between us and so many other franchise companies is that our Executive Team understands intimately what it takes to run an InXpress franchise — because they’re all franchise owners themselves. Our leadership learned the business in the trenches. We know what works — and what doesn’t — first-hand. And we’ll be there to support you every step of the way. It's this commitment that has helped InXpress maintain its status as one of Franchise Business Review's Top Franchises every year since 2012!

If you want to learn more about our growing company in a booming industry, please complete the form above.