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Own Your Own MARBLELIFE® Franchise

High Margins, Work from Home business that generates eye-popping WOW results you can be proud of. When we leave there is no doubt we have created value.As long as people continue to work on floors there will be a need to restore floors. It’s just a matter of time. This simple fact, makes your MARBLELIFE restoration business cycle resistant. Virtually every building has a need for your services.The breadth of our services, is like having 6 separate franchises in one. We restore marble and granite floors and counters for affluent homeowner, hotels and Class A office buildings. We eliminate grout staining allowing restaurants to create a more welcoming bathroom experience, putting hotel guests at ease that their hotel is properly managed and cared for, reduce potential for secondary infection in hospitals and medical facilities as we make their buildings easier to disinfect and maintain. Retail stores use us to polish their concrete. Schools and industrial buildings employ our proprietary durable vinyl floor treatments to eliminate the scuffing and buffing of wax floors to reduce care costs. Our residential clients love the fact that we can restore their new floor appearance AND make their floors easier to clean. Regardless of the building we make them easier to maintain for our janitorial partners.With an ever expanding list of solutions virtually every building has the potential to become your client.Couple world class training and solutions with marketing support, accounting support, front office scheduling, and business development guidance, and MARBLELIFE has created a ready-made vehicle for you to translate your financial dreams into reality through the American dream of business ownership.travertine-floor-polishing-before-and-after-1120x400

Would You Be Proud of These Results?

Working in residential, commercial, medical, retail or a restaurant setting, MARBLELIFE’s services create a quality appearance that communicates the owner’s care, commitment to clean living, and desire to convey a quality image.Marble Restoration & Care: Stone is repaired, scratches removed, and re-polished without the need of replacement. We restore the original elegance.Tile & Grout Restoration: We go well beyond cleaning. We eliminate grout staining, restore a uniform appearance with a solution that prevents future staining.mold-and-mildew-tile-grout-cleaning-before-and-after-1120x400Popular grocery stores shift from hard to clean to beautiful, clean, floors with a durable shine achieved without waxing. Hospital, office centers, retail esatablishments and restaurants recognize the importance a clean facility communicates. MARBLELIFE corrects the problems that makesmaintaining most floors so difficult.we are done the floors are restored, grout will not stain, clients are ecstatic, and customers are comfortable coming back.Concrete Restoration & Polishing: Concrete has become a show room surface, when it used to be hidden away in the warehouse. Whether in a home or office, MARBLELIFE can make a concrete floor pop, and in doing so reduce facility cleaning cost having eliminated a major cause of dusting.Granite Restoration: Wear whether from feet or in this case from a guard’s chair can be polsihed out without replacement.Granite Repair: When this granite sign was destroyed by a car, MARBLELIFE re-assembled, repaired and restored the sign.Terrazzo Restoration: Terrazzo floors restored to their original elegance, become the accent they were intended.Vinyl Restoration & Care: MARBLELIFE can not only restore old tired vinyl floors, but restore a gloss finish without the use of wax, or the constant buffing, scuffing and stripping, with our durable floor treatments. Saving clients time and money, in addition to restoring the beautiful appearance.If you have arrived here, you are looking to make a change in your life… an investment in your future, that allows you to translate your efforts and energy into a payoff for your and your family.Welcome to MARBLELIFE®.Whether restoring a marble floor from worn to its original high gloss appearance, or eliminating stained grout not just by cleaning, but by addressing the root cause so that it is gone for good; converting concrete from a powdery surface to mirror reflecting surface that reduces dusting; or artfully repairing terrazzo damage and cracks so they blend into the background restoring a beautiful appearance the results are beautiful and the margins are attractive.


There Is Always A Demand For MARBLELIFE® Service

<img " src="https://50.wp.franchisebusinessreview.com/wp-content/uploads/5/2017/06/Marblelife-Franchise-Stone-Craftsmen.jpg" alt="marblelife-franchise-stone-craftsmen" style="float: right;">Unless people stop walking on floors, there is a consistent demand for MARBLELIFE’s services. Even during a recession, as long as one more building is being built, the installed base has expanded and with it the demand for our services. This is a business that is positioned to grow with you. If you want a business that:

  • is differentiated,
  • has an established brand,
  • has 25+ years of proven success,
  • has relationships with nationally branded accounts,
  • delivers a result you can be proud of
  • allows you to earn high margins, and keep the fruits of your labor:

and do so with the support of an internet team, marketing team, front officesupport, and ongoing research and development so you can focus on growingyour business. You have found the right partner…MARBLELIFE!Contact us and speak to own of our development managers about your situation.

It Starts With Great Services That Are In Demand

We provide residential and commercial clients solutions to every day hard surface problems that work. MARBLELIFE addresses the root cause, and solves the problem, and in doing so create better solutions and strong margins supported by high customer value. We provide better ways for our clients to manage their hard surfaces. From restoring marble to its original gloss or sheen, eliminating grout staining, replacing the never-ending wax-strip and repeat cycle on vinyl, polishing concrete to eliminate dusting problems, creating healthier interior environments at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We deliver WOW results for clients every day. Our only problem is that we need more salespeople and applicators. We see the franchise model as the best path to delivering our services efficiently to our clients.Whether your passion is selling OR delivering a hands on outcome you will be proud of the quality of outcomes presented to your clients. As you improve their buildings and lives, so to will your business enhance your ability to meet the dreams you have financially.truck2

Who Makes a Good MARBLELIFE® Franchise Owner?

Successful MARBLELIFE franchisees or office managers share several things in common:

  • A Commitment to Quality
  • A Commitment to Customer Service
  • Good Organizational Skills
  • Ability to Implement and Follow a System
  • Willingness to Market Your Business
  • A desire to make a good living

Are You a Good Fit?

  • Are you looking for a business you can be proud of?
  • Do you enjoy working with your hands?
  • Are you looking for a business that always you to deliver clear “WOW” visual results with solid margins, rising demand, plus the support a new business owner needs to launch?

Then you are a fit. Contact us and explore what your life might be life as a MARBLELIFE business owner!