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Our Mission is to Bring Transparency to the Franchise Industry

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How We Empower Franchise Buyers

Top-Rated Franchises

Each year, we reveal the Top 200 franchises based on unbiased feedback from real franchise owners. Browse our list to learn more about this year’s top franchise brands.

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Our research delivers the most comprehensive list of today’s top franchise opportunities based on reviews of 30,000 franchise owners across 300+ leading franchise companies.

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Franchise Research

How We Empower Franchise Research

We work with leading franchises to gather actionable insights from key stakeholders—franchisors, franchisees, employees, and candidates—and deliver ratings, reports, reviews, and top franchise lists throughout the year.

FBR insights not only enable franchisors to understand what they are doing well and where improvements can be made, but also help potential franchise buyers explore a multitude of franchise opportunities.

Our research provides in-depth data that empowers entrepreneurs to search and compare franchises and request more information from the brands that interest them most.

Helping Franchise Brands Grow & Improve

By working with franchisors that wish to gather data on franchisee satisfaction, we provide in-depth reporting that can help increase franchisee satisfaction and improve brand success. Our tools and research help connect potential franchise buyers with the top franchise brands.

Research & Insights

Delivering actionable insights on:

  • Franchisee Satisfaction
  • Employee Engagement
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Candidate Experience
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Recognizing excellence since 2006.

  • Annual Awards
  • Franchisee Satisfaction Awards
  • Top Food Franchises
  • Top Low-Cost Franchises
  • Most Profitable Franchises
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Franchise Development

Connecting buyers with franchise brands.

  • Franchise Validation
  • Lead Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Exposure
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We’re not in the business of just crunching data, we’re in the business of helping people succeed.

Eric Stites, FBR Founder

How We Select The Top Franchises


We invite all franchise companies based in North America with 10 or more franchise owners to
participate in our research at no cost.


We contact all franchises in the franchise companies that choose to participate and invite…


We analyze the responses from the franchises and use a weighted scale to determine an overall satisfaction rating.


The FSI score is used to benchmark each company’s franchisee satisfaction level against over 1,000 franchise brands presenting tens of franchisees and determine their ranking among other participating comapnies.


We identify the brands that exceed the benchmark and recognize them with a top Franchise award.

Our Leadership

Our Story

<p>While working at a franchise broker in 2005, Eric Stites noticed that prospective franchise buyers were increasingly looking for data to help them in the decision-making process. He realized that third-party research on whether current franchise owners were happy with their decision to buy a particular franchise could help other franchise buyers better understand which franchises offered the best opportunities for success <i>and</i> help those high-performing franchises grow their systems.</p>
<p>He joined forces with Michelle Rowan and from there, Franchise Business Review was founded to help drive better results for franchise companies and share the franchise experience with prospective franchisees.</p>
<p>Today, Franchise Business Review is the leading market research firm in the franchise sector specializing in franchisee satisfaction and employee engagement. Since 2005, we have researched more than 1,100 franchise brands across all industry segments.</p>

Eric Stites, CFE President & COO
Eric Stites, CFE President & COO
Michelle Rowan, CFE President & COO
Michelle Rowan, CFE President & COO