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B2B Franchisee Satisfaction Survey Data Reveals The Most Profitable Sectors & More

B2B Franchisee Satisfaction Survey Data Reveals The Most Profitable Sectors & More

Nearly 5,000 B2B franchisees were surveyed by Franchise Business Review to shed light on what it’s like to own a B2B franchise. Read what their responses revealed.

Top Franchises for Women: Satisfaction Statistics

Franchise Business Review’s 2017 Top Franchises for Women Survey Highlights

Get a feel for what female franchisees think of franchising and what their lives are like by reviewing the data highlights from Franchise Business Review’s survey of 6,400 female franchisees.


Franchisees at 2017’s Top Franchises Share Their Thoughts About Franchising

Only 200 franchise brands were ranked high enough by the franchisees who own them to make Franchise Business Review’s 2017 Top Franchises list. Read on to find out which ones did and how their franchisees feel about franchising.


List of 2016’s Top Low-Cost Franchises With The Most Satisfied Franchisees is Released by Franchise Business Review

For less than $100,000 and as little as $2,095, you can be your own boss! See the list of 80 franchises that made our 2016 top-low cost franchises list based on the satisfaction scores they were given by their franchisees.


After Selling His Company for $50 Million, Leeward Bean Entered Franchising

After selling his scientific instrument company, Ocean Optics, in 2004, Leeward Bean was enjoying his well earned retirement when two of his former employees lured him out of it to help them launch a new business idea. Read how the experience eventually led to the creation of the Big Frog Custom T-Shirt franchise.


Pinch A Penny Offers Franchisees Superior Training, Support, and Communications According To a Recent Franchise Industry Survey

A recent survey by Franchise Business Review found that Pinch A Penny’s franchisees are exceptionally satisfied with its ongoing training and support systems, which is unusual in the franchising sector. 80% of Pinch A Penny’s franchisees rated the brand’s ongoing training and support systems as “very good” or “excellent,” compared to just 58% for benchmark.