Any Lab Test Now Franchisee Sets the Standard in Community Connection

Before Allison Kapalka became an Any Lab Test Now franchise owner, she was a franchise sales consultant who marketed the very same brand to other potential franchisees. Along the way, something interesting happened. She discovered that she’d actually been convincing herself that Any Lab Test Now was a sound investment and business ownership opportunity. So, she followed through and bought her own franchise in 2007. Today, her Any Lab Test Now location in Lititz, Pennsylvania, employs four full-time employees and has become a community success story. Thanks to a rise in healthcare consumerism, Any Lab Test Now’s retail lab testing clinic has become a popular choice among discerning patients looking for the best value, convenience, and price. Kapalka was particularly taken with the opportunity to offer a healthcare service that would ultimately benefit the members of her community. And she appreciated the fact that ANY LAB TEST NOW has a unique business model, as well as comprehensive training and close-knit, ongoing support.

Getting the Word Out About Her Any Lab Test Now Franchise

When Kapalka launched her business in 2008, Any Lab Test Now was still considered an emerging brand. Her primary concern was getting the word out, as many healthcare consumers are unaware they can take charge of their own lab testing needs without a doctor’s order. Even today, she’s found that there are still potential customers who’ve yet to hear about this revolutionary storefront lab testing business. But what made the ultimate difference in building a sustainable operation was simply word of mouth. “The way we overcame this hurdle was to work with the local medical community, the doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants to inform their patients about us and how we could help them save money on their blood work. The word started to spread once the medical professionals started to recommend us.” Corporate support from the brand has always been a constant, and Kapalka has learned to depend on it. “Any Lab Test Now has offered tremendous support over the last fifteen years of business. There have been periods when I need them regularly and long periods when I am just left to run my business. They let me take the lead on the support I need and respond in kind. My franchise success manager is a big help and a central contact to distribute my needs to the correct staff member. Currently, I am working with my success manager weekly, creating goals, learning about new services, and reviewing sales.”

Business is Booming in Amish Country

Allison Kapalka’s Any Lab Test Now is located in the heart of Amish country, which turned out to be her advantage. The Amish are fastidious people, obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle and participating in homeopathic, natural healing methods. They don’t rely on health insurance, and doctors are only called upon for serious occasions, making this group the perfect target market for Any Lab Test Now’s services. She estimates that as much as 75% of her customers are Amish, and the word-of-mouth referrals they’ve provided down through the community have helped her build a thriving operation. Her location has even been featured in a local newspaper published by the Amish community, speaking of the “helpful services” that can be found in her retail lab testing operation. When her own daughter was diagnosed with autism, several of her Amish customers helped the family transition to a nutrient-dense, organic diet to help improve her condition. It also spurred Kapalka to become a certified health coach, and she’s currently working her way toward becoming a licensed naturopath.

What the Future May Hold…

Today, Allison Kapalka’s daughter is doing quite well. Following several years of homeschooling, she’s on the cusp of graduating high school – which could provide an opportunity for Kapalka to expand her Any Lab Test Now operation. “It’s definitely been on my mind. When my daughter was diagnosed with learning differences, and we decided that home-schooling her would be in her best interest, it really didn’t allow us to think much about expanding the business. Now that my daughter is getting ready to graduate from high school, the idea of expanding is an option and something I am really starting to think about.” Looking back, she has no regrets at all that she literally sold herself on the Any Lab Test Now concept. It helped to bring her closer to the cherished members of her community—particularly the Amish – who have, in turn, helped her. In short, franchises are supposed to benefit the communities where they operate. But it’s not at all uncommon to see that sentiment become a wide, two-way street. Ultimately, franchise owners and their dependable customer base are better for it everywhere you look.

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