Army Veteran Applies Military Leadership Skills and Experience to HomeWell Care Services Franchise Ownership

Tracie Dominguez
HomeWell Care Services Franchise Owner
Colorado Springs
Franchise owner since 2020
70 Employees

Tracie Dominguez leveraged her military leadership skills to make her entrepreneurial dreams come true as a HomeWell Care Services franchise owner.

Why did you purchase a franchise instead of being an employee or opening an independent business?

I’d always worked for a corporation or enterprise where you can speak up and make decisions, but you’re not always heard. I felt I needed to do something more for my community, but not just by working for somebody else: I wanted to pursue my vision, passion, and way of leading my company.

Did you have your mind set on a specific industry or brand from the start?

I knew I wanted to work in senior home care from the start, so I began exploring senior care franchise opportunities. HomeWell’s training, tools, and support programs really stood out to me. 

Which of your prior skills and experiences were most helpful in your new business?

I spent my adult career as a physician assistant in the Army. One important thing the military taught me was how to lead a diverse group of people. I learned leadership. It was my job to motivate, communicate clearly, and be decisive. I apply all of those skills in my HomeWell Care Services franchise. 

When researching franchises to buy, what criteria or data points mattered to you most?

First, I wanted a brand and culture fit I could identify with. Second, I wanted high-quality business coaching and training.

Did you use FBR’s website or download franchisee satisfaction reports?

Yes! I used FBR’s website to research franchise opportunities and franchisee satisfaction levels via the downloadable reports. 

Did you speak with other franchisees? Which questions did you ask?

Yes, I did. I asked all of them about their backgrounds, why they chose HomeWell Care Services, and the level of support they received from corporate headquarters.

Which questions did you ask the franchisor?

What makes you different from other home care agencies? What is your mission statement? What are the company’s core values?

What were your biggest challenges when you first started out, and how did you overcome them?

Our biggest challenge was opening during the COVID-19 pandemic. That limited a lot of the B2B marketing. I received direct support from the VP of Operations, Michelle Cone, and her team in overcoming these obstacles. They created ideas that helped. Outdoor and socially distanced lunch-and-learns were very helpful, productive, and fun!

How does your franchise support and encourage your success?

Whenever I run into a problem that I cannot fix, whether big or small, my Franchise Business Coach (FBC) is always there to help. He is accessible pretty much 24/7.

What are you most proud of and why?

I am most proud of my management team. They believe in our mission and commitment to helping seniors live independently and age in place.

What advice would you give to new or potential franchise buyers?

It is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Do your due diligence and research multiple franchise opportunities. Get a franchise business advisor. They are experts and can help guide you through the process.

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