Tint World Franchise Owners Devoted to Giving Back to Their El Paso Texas Community

Myriam and Alex Guerrero
Tint World franchise owners in
El Paso, TX, since 2021

When Alex Guerrero decided to retire from the army after 28 years of service, he and his wife Myriam began exploring business opportunities that would allow them to give back to their local community in El Paso, Texas. Franchise Business Review asked the couple to tell us about their journey to franchise ownership as successful Tint World franchisees with 10 employees.

Why did you purchase a franchise rather than being an employee or opening an independent business?

The choice to invest in a Tint World franchise was driven by several key factors that align with my business goals and vision.

  1. Proven Business Model
  2. Brand Recognition and Reputation
  3. Training and Support
  4. Economies of Scale
  5. National Advertising and Marketing
  6. Community Involvement

In summary, investing in a Tint World franchise was driven by the desire to leverage a successful business model, benefit from a strong brand reputation, and access ongoing support and resources. This strategic choice aligns with my entrepreneurial goals and positions me for long-term success in the automotive styling industry.

Did you have your mind set on a specific industry or brand from the start?tint world franchise el paso texas

Originally planning to open a Cycle Bar franchise, we encountered a shift when the region we targeted had recently been bought out, leaving us to explore alternative opportunities. In our search, we discovered the Tint World franchise opportunity and were impressed by its established presence and unique offerings in the automotive styling sector.

Of your prior skills and experiences, which were most helpful in launching and operating your new business?

We’re delighted to share insights into the unique skill sets that have propelled the launch and operation of our new business venture. As the Chief Financial Officer of a state workforce development board in Texas, Myriam’s fiscal background has been instrumental in ensuring the financial soundness and strategic alignment of our operations. On the other side, Alex, a 28-year Army veteran, brings invaluable leadership, discipline, and organizational skills honed through military service. Together, our diverse strengths create a dynamic synergy—blending financial acumen with military precision—that forms the bedrock of our business success.

When researching franchises to buy, what criteria or data points mattered to you most?

When researching franchises for our business venture, our primary focus was on selecting a brand that shared our commitment to community involvement and fostering inclusivity within the industry. Two critical criteria that mattered most to us were the franchise’s dedication to community impact and its ability to provide employment opportunities to populations that often face challenges in the workforce.

Firstly, we sought a franchise that actively engaged in community initiatives and shared our values of giving back. We were particularly drawn to franchises with a demonstrated track record of community involvement, whether through local partnerships, charitable efforts, or initiatives that contribute positively to the areas they serve. This aligns with our goal to not only run a successful business but to be a positive force within the community.

Secondly, we were passionate about creating employment opportunities for individuals facing unique challenges in the workforce. Our focus extended to providing opportunities for women in a traditionally male-dominated space, individuals seeking re-entry into the workforce for a second chance, and young individuals who may have faced adversity early in their lives. We believe in the transformative power of employment and want our business to be a platform for empowerment and growth for all members of our community.

In choosing the Tint World franchise, we ensured that it shared our vision for making a positive impact, not only through the services it offered but also by actively contributing to the well-being and growth of the community it served. This alignment with our values and goals allows us to pour back into the community, fostering a culture of inclusivity and support.

During your research, did you use FBR’s website or download Franchisee Satisfaction Reports?

In our case, we worked closely with a franchise broker who played a pivotal role in conducting thorough research on potential franchises. The broker utilized resources such as FBR’s website and franchisee satisfaction reports to gather valuable insights. She then compiled comprehensive summaries, allowing us to review and analyze the information effectively. This collaborative approach with our franchise broker proved instrumental in making an informed decision that aligned with our business goals.

Did you speak with other Tint World franchise owners? Which questions did you ask?

Yes, we did. The questions we asked Tint World franchise owners were:

  1. How has your business performance been since becoming a Tint World franchisee?
  2. Can you share insights into revenue growth and any challenges you’ve faced?
  3. How would you describe the support and training provided by Tint World corporate?
  4. Have you been involved in any community initiatives or partnerships through Tint World?
  5. What are some key operational aspects you wish you knew before starting?
  6. How effectively have Tint World’s national marketing campaigns driven local businesses?
  7. Have you implemented any additional local marketing strategies that have proven successful?
  8. What kind of time commitment is required to run the business successfully?
  9. How would you describe your relationship with Tint World corporate?
  10. How responsive and supportive have they been in addressing your concerns or inquiries?
  11. What advice would you give someone considering joining the Tint World franchise family?

These questions cover various aspects of the franchise experience and can provide valuable insights for anyone considering a Tint World franchise opportunity.

Which questions did you ask the franchisor?

The questions we asked the Tint World executive team included:

  1. Can you outline the support and resources provided to franchisees, especially during the initial stages of setting up the business?
  2. What training programs are in place to ensure franchisees are well-prepared for operating a Tint World location?
  3. How does Tint World encourage and support franchisees in getting involved with community initiatives and local partnerships?
  4. What national and regional marketing strategies does Tint World employ to drive business to franchise locations?
  5. How does Tint World assist franchisees in managing day-to-day operations and addressing operational challenges?
  6. How does Tint World assess and address franchisee satisfaction and concerns?
  7. What sets Tint World apart from other franchises in the automotive styling industry?
  8. How does Tint World support franchisees in adapting to and thriving in diverse local markets?
  9. Can you provide insights into potential growth opportunities and support for franchisees looking to expand their Tint World presence?
  10. Could you share some success stories of franchisees who have excelled within the Tint World system? These questions aim to comprehensively understand the franchisor’s support structure, operational guidance, and the overall franchise environment within Tint World.

What were your biggest challenges when you first started out, and how did you overcome them?

When reflecting on our initial journey, one of the most significant challenges we faced was assembling a team of true experts in the field—skilled tinters with hands-on experience. Identifying and hiring individuals with the right expertise and passion for the craft proved to be a demanding task. We recognized the critical role that experienced tinters play in delivering high-quality services, and we were determined to build a team that would uphold our commitment to excellence.

While the process was demanding, the investment in assembling a team of true experts has undoubtedly been a cornerstone of our success. Their expertise not only elevates the quality of our services but also contributes to the positive reputation we have built within our community.

How does the Tint World franchise support and encourage your success?

One of the standout aspects of our experience has been the unwavering support and guidance provided by the Tint World franchise and, notably, the exceptional leadership of Charles Bonfiglio, the Founder and CEO of Tint World.

Tint World’s commitment to franchisee success is evident through a comprehensive support system. From the outset, we received thorough training that equipped us with the skills and knowledge essential for running a successful franchise. The ongoing support extends to operational guidance, marketing strategies, and access to a network of experienced professionals within the Tint World community.

Charles Bonfiglio’s leadership has been instrumental in fostering a culture of collaboration and success. His personal involvement and commitment to the success of each franchisee set Tint World apart. The accessibility and responsiveness of Mr. Bonfiglio have created an environment where franchisees feel genuinely supported and valued.

It’s this unique combination of a robust franchise support structure and the exceptional leadership of Charles Bonfiglio that has contributed significantly to our confidence and success as franchise owners.

What are you most proud of and why?

As owners of Tint World El Paso, what we are most proud of is the impact we’ve been able to make on our community and within the automotive styling industry.

When choosing a franchise, our primary focus was on finding a brand that shared our values of community impact and inclusivity. We sought a franchise actively involved in local initiatives, drawn to brands making positive contributions. Our commitment extended to creating employment opportunities for those facing challenges in the workforce, fostering diversity and growth in our community.

Our decision to join the Tint World family aligns seamlessly with our vision for positive community impact and inclusivity, standing out as what we’re most proud of as Tint World owners. Moreover, we’re thrilled that Myriam is now an active member of the SEMA SBN (Specialty Equipment Market Association Businesswomen’s Network) Communication Committee, enhancing our connection within the automotive community.

What advice would you give to new or potential Tint World franchise buyers?

If you’re considering franchise ownership, our advice is simple yet profound: follow your core passions. The franchise industry has a remarkable way of paving the path to fueling those passions and transforming your investment into a truly rewarding journey.

Choosing a franchise that aligns with your genuine interests and enthusiasm not only makes the business more enjoyable but also enhances your commitment to its success. When your heart is in sync with your business, the challenges become stepping stones, and the successes are even more fulfilling.

The beauty of the franchise model lies in its adaptability across various industries. Whether you have a deep-rooted passion for automotive styling, culinary arts, or any other field, there is likely a franchise opportunity that resonates with your core interests. The industry becomes the canvas for your passions to flourish, turning your investment into a labor of love.

Our advice to potential franchise owners is this: choose a path that excites and resonates with you. Let your core passions be the guiding force, and watch as the franchise industry opens doors to a truly rewarding investment.

For more information on the Tint World franchise opportunity, visit TintWorldFranchise.com, email [email protected], or call (888) 629-8777