Former Teacher Finds the Formula for Success as a Mathnasium Franchise Owner

For former teacher and math coach Becky McDaniels of Brandon, FL, investing in a Mathnasium Learning Center franchise allowed her to combine her passion for math with entrepreneurism. After running her first Mathnasium education franchise for a decade, she recently opened a second Mathnasium franchise center and is excited to expand math tutoring services to families in the Riverview community.

Measuring the Need for Education Franchise Centers

Students’ math scores continue to dip nationwide. The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reports that average mathematics NAEP assessment scores dropped 9 points in 2023 compared to 2019–20. More shockingly, average NAEP math scores for this age group are now 14 points lower than a decade ago. Schools and parents increasingly look for ways to address these learning gaps, many turning to online and in-person tutors. According to ReportLinker, the global private tutoring market is expected to reach $279 billion by 2030.

Whether a student needs to catch up or could benefit from more challenging work, Mathnasium Learning Centers help assess their specific skills and provide them with the curriculum and tutoring they need to master math. Founded in 2002 in Los Angeles, California, the Mathnasium franchise aims to teach math to children—in a center or online—by creating a customized learning path designed to leverage each student’s unique learning styles. The education franchise also focuses on making math relatable and fun for students. Today, there are more than 1,100 Mathnasium Learning Centers worldwide and in 10 countries. This award-winning franchise continues to expand internationally.

A Mathnasium Franchise Owner’s Equation for Success

“I love working with the kids and seeing them light up,” said Becky McDaniels. “As a Mathnasium franchise owner, I can achieve my goals of serving as many kids as possible and making the biggest impact in their lives.”Becky McDaniels Mathnasium Franchise Owner

McDaniels had no plans to become a franchise owner when she opened her first center 10 years ago but missed interacting with students after she left the classroom to coach teachers. At one point, she had even considered returning to the classroom. Then, she heard about the Mathnasium education franchise and found synergy between The Mathnasium Method and the teaching methods she had used with her students. Today, McDaniels and her team serve about 200 families at both centers, and the number continues to grow.

Open from Sunday through Friday, high school and college students and current and retired teachers instruct students in grades Pre-K through 12. The education centers also offer live, online tutoring through Mathnasium@home, a web-based service. Families pay an upfront registration fee to enroll their children in Mathnasium, then pay monthly fees afterward. Students can choose to learn in-center or online.

Today, McDaniels spends most of her time networking in the community, visiting schools, and running her businesses. However, she still makes time to fulfill her passion for instructing students.

How Mathnasium Franchise Owners Get Their Piece of the Pi

Mathnasium ensures its learning centers keep things fun to reach as many children and families as possible. To empower children to pursue STEM education and careers, Mathnasium builds strong partnerships with national companies such as National PTA and Ikea and encourages local centers to forge community partnerships with schools, sports teams, and recreation centers.

McDaniels offers evening math tutoring at schools where students and families play games and learn more about Mathnasium. She’s also excited to participate in Mathnasium’s annual Pi Day on March 14 to celebrate the brand’s unique, fun day. At the national level, Mathnasium has teamed up with Baskin-Robbins™ around a Pi Day sweepstakes where the two companies will award three lucky winners free ice cream for a year and a $3,140 scholarship. Local centers will each host Pi Day parties and serve Baskin-Robbins Polar Pizzas® at their dessert tables. The kids will munch on pizza and ice cream while they learn how to calculate the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter.

“Anytime you can take something math-related and make it fun, especially a party, the kids get excited,” she said. “During Pi Day, we play all of these different games that relate to Pi circles and make math relatable to them. If we can relate Pi to something they have experienced within the real world and teach them there’s more to math than sitting down and learning it for a test, it makes a difference.”

Advice for Potential Mathnasium Education Franchise Owners

Many Mathnasium franchise owners are former engineers or business professionals interested in investing in the education franchise and working for themselves.

“You don’t need to be a math whiz to succeed as a Mathnasium franchise owner. To do well, it’s best to determine what you’re good at first—then hire for the rest,” McDaniels said. “If you’re not experienced in education but like the business model and are good with the books, you handle the books and hire others to do the tutoring,” she said. “If your passion is teaching, then teach and hire people to cover the administrative and business operation objectives.”

The Mathnasium corporate office provides a robust training program and dedicated staff who help Mathnasium franchise owners launch their businesses and advise them as they grow. Franchise Business Consultants regularly visit the learning centers and help franchise owners troubleshoot challenges and set goals. They also help owners evaluate center locations. McDaniels credits the Mathnasium franchise model for her success.

“The secret sauce of being a Mathnasium franchisee is to follow what the franchisor has in place,” she said.

McDaniels encourages owners to lean on the Mathnasium Home Office, which provides ongoing training, engaging marketing materials, and promotions. She also emphasizes the importance of connecting with local businesses and Chambers of Commerce. Many of McDaniels’ local connections show up to volunteer on Math Nights, and she expects some will support her team on Pi Day. By engaging with others in your circle, you can quickly spread the word about your center, she said.

Most of all, McDaniels encourages Mathnasium education franchise owners to focus on areas for improvement and what they can do to achieve their goals—advice she often shares with her students.

“Love what you do and try not to be overwhelmed with all of the day-to-day stuff—which can happen because you’re a businessperson. Most importantly, enjoy the parts you love,” she said. “My passion is teaching. That’s where I get my bucket filled. Find a place where you can get your bucket filled and make sure you build that into each day.”

Can You Add Value as a Mathnasium Franchise Owner?

Becoming a Mathnasium franchise owner allows you to deliver top-quality math instruction in your community, which can be financially lucrative, too. According to Item 19 of the company’s 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document, average gross receipts for franchise owners in 2022 were $311,473, up nearly 14% from 2021. The top 25% of Mathnasium franchise owners earned an average gross income of $546,418.

According to a recent Franchise Business Review survey, Mathnasium franchise owners continue to give their corporate leadership high marks.

  • 91% agree they enjoy operating their business
  • 90% agree they were supportive of the Mathnasium brand
  • 89% agree they enjoyed being a part of the organization

Franchise Business Review has recognized Mathnasium as one of the 200 Top Franchises in 2024. Last year, the brand entered FBR’s Top Franchises Hall of Fame, which acknowledges franchises that have made the Top 200 Franchises List for 10 years or more.

As a Mathnasium owner, you can gain access to a protected territory, as well as proprietary assessments, curriculum, and methodology. The corporate office assigns new franchise owners a Field Support Specialist to help launch your business. Once you’re up and running, a dedicated Mathnasium Franchise Business Consultant will serve as your private business coach, checking in and helping guide you as you grow.

Mathnasium Home Office also provides a series of online and onsite trainings, including a final three-day in-person training in Los Angeles, where you’ll apply what you’ve learned in previous trainings.

You don’t need teaching experience to operate a Mathnasium successfully. Still, you must have a passion for helping students and meet specific financial requirements, including a minimum net cash of $112,000 and a net worth of $149,110. Here are some additional financial requirements:

  • Initial Franchise Fee: $49,000
  • Total Startup Investment: $112,860 to $149,155
  • Royalty: 10% of gross monthly receipts
  • Monthly marketing fees: 2% of gross receipts plus $250/month

For more information about franchising with Mathnasium, call 888-763-2604, email [email protected], or visit