Express Employment Professionals Franchise Rock Star Follows Recipe for Success

As many military service members will tell you, one of the hardest missions they’ll ever face is the transition back to civilian life. For the unprepared, it can be one heck of an adjustment. But every once in a while, a veteran comes along that simply has it all figured out. And one such person is Jon Noceda, a successful franchise owner with Express Employment Professionals. Not only did he put in over two decades serving in the U.S. Navy, but he also spent the last three of those years as a recruiter for medical professionals – everything from doctors to medical students. It would leave him well suited for the next chapter of his entrepreneurial life, that of an Express Employment Professionals franchisee. It’s one of the reasons why the brand has nominated Noceda as one of their Rock Star performers.

Following a Proven Process

Jon Noceda opened the doors of his Express Employment Professionals franchise back in 2015, starting with a first location in Chula Vista, California. He’s since added a second territory – San Diego – in 2019. He took a particular interest in the validation sessions with existing franchise owners, asking them as many questions as possible about what it was like to own a business of their own. Everything about the brand’s onboarding program impressed him. “Express Employment’s process in getting franchisees started is simply top-notch. In everything they do for new franchisees. That extends to the training, the support, and especially the mentorship. But it doesn’t end there. They continue to be right by your side, helping you to succeed as a business owner.” He put his military experience to work for him right away and never stopped. He said, “Veterans are very good at following procedures. And franchising is no different. The recipe for success is already laid out for you. All you have to do is follow it without deviating!”

Transitioning Military Skills to Entrepreneurial Success

It’s no surprise that the Express Employment Professionals franchise executives would nominate Jon Noceda as one of their Rock Star performers. Especially when you consider the amount of success he achieved in 2022 alone. In 2022, Noceda provided job placement services for over 1,500 individuals, and the total contribution to payrolls in the local economy exceeded $10 million! The executive leadership team at Express Employment Professionals admires his ability to seamlessly transition the skills he learned in the military into practical business ownership knowledge.

In addition to being a decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy, Jon Noceda is also a first-generation American. His mother emigrated from the Philippines and, coincidentally, found her first job in the U.S. through a staffing agency much like Express Employment Professionals. The fact that he’s come full circle is nothing short of a motivational anecdote that he willingly shares with others. Today, at both of Noceda’s staffing locations, he’s helping other immigrants find their first employment in the States, a very rewarding task for this deserving young man. He loves the ability to go out and make things happen for people in need. “Locating a good-paying job can literally make all the difference in an individual’s life. First of all, we look at ourselves as social workers who want to be successful – something I continue to remind my staff of daily – which is why we excel at our jobs. Day in and day out, we are helping people find jobs while seamlessly making a difference in the community.”

A New Mission—A New Brotherhood

Any veteran will tell you one of the best aspects of joining the service is the brotherhood. Everything you do, you do with your fellow service members. You learn to depend on them. And they, in turn, learn to depend on you. Whether it’s chores on the base or the specter of open combat, veterans are expected to fight alongside one another – and for one another. Jon Noceda has certainly found something quite similar among his fellow Express Employment Professionals franchise owners. “Though it’s a big company, it never ceases to amaze me that it’s such a tight-knit community where the other owners treat one another like brothers and sisters. Anytime you need something, you can send out an email and get an answer in less than an hour. And even with the developers, there’s no question that goes left unanswered. It’s truly day and night when you compare Express’s franchise business model to other franchise business models, which is one of the many reasons why this is such a rewarding career path.”

As for other veterans interested in following in his footsteps, he’s become quite the advocate. He states, “If you’re interested, pursue it! There are so many reasons that I think the Express Employment Professionals franchise is one of the best franchises to own, but it’s unique in that we touch almost every industry there is to touch, so we ultimately get to see the whole economic landscape. Staffing agencies are essentially the first to see whether the economy is growing or slowing down, and that’s the beauty of it. Regardless of the economy’s status, people will always need jobs so in turn, there will always be a need for our role, and Express gives us the ability to easily pivot as needed.”

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