Huntington Learning Center Franchise Owner Sets High Bar for Giving Back

When it comes to franchise ownership, Huntington Learning Center franchise owner Mike Cardamone is no newbie. In fact, he bought into the Huntington opportunity back in 1999 and has established an admirable track record as a high-producing, multi-unit franchisee in the system. He’s achieved his fair share of success in helping over 5,000 individual students improve their schooling. But Huntington Learning Center franchise leaders nominated Mike as a top-performing Rock Star because of his accomplishments inside and outside of the tutoring world. Simply put, Mike makes a difference in everything he does—especially when it comes to charitable contributions and giving back. As you’ll see, it’s part of what drives his success, the notion that the community that supports you deserves your support as well.

Huntington Learning Center Franchise Ownership—An Obvious Choice

After deciding to embark on an entrepreneurial future, Mike Cardamone worked with a franchise broker to find that one perfect match in a business opportunity. And right off the bat, Huntington Learning Center stood out as a clear-cut frontrunner. “The assessment conducted by a franchise broker identified the education industry as a strong fit for me. Further research revealed that the Huntington Learning Center franchise business model aligned perfectly with my goal of feeling fulfilled in my work, with its mission and educational approach resonating strongly. The franchise had a positive reputation and track record of success in providing high-quality tutoring and test preparation services, supported by satisfied franchisees and customers. The comprehensive support and training offered to franchisees, including initial training and ongoing guidance, further solidified my confidence in the brand. Additionally, the scalability and growth potential of the Huntington franchise, driven by the constant demand for education services, appealed to my long-term goals.”

Launching an Entrepreneurial Empire

With a signed agreement in hand, Mike Cardamone set out to build an entrepreneurial empire in his home territory of Waldorf, Maryland – a southeastern suburb of Washington, D.C. He underwent weeks of comprehensive training and was provided with the tools, resources, and a proven business model to follow. Yet he never felt alone. As far as he saw things, he was in business for himself but not by himself. He was duly impressed with the level of support offered by Huntington Learning Center’s corporate office. “The franchisor’s commitment to ongoing support and mentorship was exceptional. Their coaching services ensured that I had the guidance and resources needed to navigate challenges and achieve success in the long run. In addition, the franchisor offered invaluable assistance with marketing strategies, enabling me to effectively reach my target audience and establish a strong brand presence. Recognizing the significance of technological advances, they provided resources and technological tools to streamline operations and maintain competitiveness. Overall, the franchisor’s comprehensive training, ongoing support, mentorship, marketing assistance, and emphasis on leveraging technology combined to create a seamless and successful business launch. Their commitment to the betterment of their franchisees made all the difference in my journey.”

Improving Performance – One Student at a Time

Mike Cardamone found the work at Huntington Learning Center to be quite rewarding. What he likes most about the day-to-day operations is the ability to truly make a difference in the lives of others – one student at a time. And there have been some memorable successes along the way. “One particular student from 2003 stands out in my memory. Despite facing a serious learning disability, she made remarkable progress under our guidance and support. Witnessing her journey and seeing her attend her graduation filled me with immense pride and satisfaction. It is these moments of positive impact on students’ lives that truly make my work fulfilling.” It takes a special kind of person to help others in such a profound way, but it’s something that comes naturally to Cardamone.

Off-the-Clock Contributions

Thanks to Mike Cardamone’s charitable giving and efforts to give back to the communities he serves, he’s received Rock Star status from Huntington Learning Center’s corporate office. The list is a long one. Not only does he volunteer his time internally, serving on the franchisor’s exclusive Advisory Council, but he’s found numerous ways to give back on the brand’s behalf. He helped found the organization’s “Huntington Helps” initiative, providing tutoring to low-income families and those with learning disabilities. With the same vigor, he’s lent his services in support of women’s shelters, the brand’s annual Reading Adventure Program, local food banks, and organized back-to-school supply drives. As if that isn’t enough, he’s also dedicated the last four decades to volunteering with the local EMS, saving lives, and providing critical care. Just when you think an individual’s bandwidth would be completely exhausted with such activities, Cardamone somehow finds the time to fit in even more. The local Special Olympics Chapter and various foster child organizations are routine recipients of his additional contributions.

Being nominated by Huntington Learning Center franchise leadership as a top-performing Rock Star should come as no surprise to those who truly know the big heart Mike Cardamone carries through life. His track record also helped him win one of the industry’s most prestigious award accomplishments—The International Franchise Association (IFA) Award, bestowed upon candidates who represent the absolute best the franchising industry has to offer. But this type of recognition still isn’t what moves the man. “What truly fills me with pride is the immeasurable reward of witnessing the success of the children I have had the privilege to work with. Making a significant difference in their lives and receiving heartfelt expressions of gratitude from their parents is a deeply fulfilling experience. Knowing that my efforts have played a pivotal role in their growth, development, and achievements is the ultimate measure of success for me. This pride is rooted in the profound belief I hold in the power of education and the ability to make a lasting impact on the lives of others. It is the transformation and success of these children, coupled with the appreciation and thanks I receive from their families, that bring me the greatest sense of accomplishment and fulfillment as a franchisee.”

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