Mother-Daughter Team Earn Oasis Senior Advisors Franchise Rock Star Status

Sometimes, in business ownership, keeping it in the family is the key to success. And nobody exemplifies this better than Laura Banner and Kelly Rasmovich, a mother-daughter duo that became Oasis Senior Advisors franchise owners in 2022. Soon, their business acumen and charitable contributions caught the attention of their franchisor, who nominated both women as top-performing Rock Stars for the brand. And thanks to their efforts to help seniors find the best possible living arrangements, the entire North Georgia area is better for it. To succeed in this type of business, it takes both patience and passion – two qualities that Laura and Kelly have in abundance.

Finding the Perfect Franchise Fit

Laura Banner spent her entire career in the healthcare industry, establishing a reputation for being a caring, compassionate, and ethical provider of critical services and care. That made her highly selective when it came to evaluating different senior care franchise opportunities. She needed an opportunity with the same framework, mission, and values that had taken her this far. The search for the right opportunity ended up being a breeze. When it came to Oasis Senior Advisors, Banner was thoroughly impressed. “Fortunately, our franchisor made no assumptions about our experience in business ownership. The preparation began at the very beginning of the franchise ownership exploration process. They provided a willingness to answer all our questions and concerns during initial conversations, provided opportunities for connection with other franchisee owners during validation calls, as well as providing an in-depth Discovery Day and frequent communication throughout our initial training period (and beyond). They planned and helped us execute a well-developed marketing launch that allowed us to go directly from our in-person, week-long training straight into the field.”

Making Oasis Senior Advisors a Family Affair

Laura Banner wasted no time bringing her daughter Kelly Rasmovich into the fold. A licensed realtor, she shares the exact same passion for helping others as her mother—especially when it comes to treating her senior clients with dignity and respect. Together, the mother-daughter duo offers their professional expertise on a case-by-case basis, helping seniors locate and secure the best possible living arrangements according to their needs and budget. It can be a very rewarding experience. “The absolute best part of our day-to-day business operation is when we have a family tell us that they ‘couldn’t have done it without you’ and that you are a ‘Godsend.’ The reality is that they could have done it without us, but we know that with our guidance, expertise, and assistance, we helped make it less stressful and allowed them to focus on their loved ones or their own needs while we focused on the details of making everything come together for them.” Helping others find the solutions they need gives them both a warm and fuzzy feeling – something they never grow tired of experiencing.

Living the Oasis Senior Advisors Franchise MissionKELLY RASMOVICH LAURA BANNER

Laura and Kelly aren’t just Rock Star franchisees with Oasis Senior Advisors. They live the ideals, mission, and values of the brand 24/7. Together, they collaborated to publish a book about personal development and motivation for seniors, entitled “Senior Living: Taking Back Your Golden Years.” And the personal experiences of their own in dealing with someone afflicted by Alzheimer’s and Dementia led them to become members of the Alzheimer’s Association (AA). For the past seven years, they’ve held monthly meetings for the support group, as well as sponsoring a fundraising walk. Through their actions and deeds, both of these women clearly “walk the walk.” Their efforts to help people – especially in instances where they go above and beyond expectations – are central to their core beliefs. “Knowing that our actions make a positive difference in people’s lives is a motivator more than just about anything else you can imagine, even more than money. To know that we take potentially high-risk situations for seniors and turn them into a safe alternative is an amazingly satisfying feeling. It’s hard to compare the ‘feel good’ of what we do with any other type of business. Naturally, there are challenges to face, but they’re few and far between and often remedied by the reminder of our important role and the difference we make.”

Laura Banner and her daughter Kelly Rasmovich exemplify the ideals that the Oasis Senior Advisors franchise looks for in other potential franchisees. And for those who meet the criteria, Banner offers some circumspect advice. “Ask any and every question you have about business ownership with multiple people – from corporate staff to other franchisees in the system. Take your time, and be mindful of your own goals, expectations, and limitations. Then you can objectively determine if the franchise is the right investment for you to be successful—however you define that to be.”

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