Payroll Nerd Finds Success with Payroll Vault Franchise Opportunity

When franchisors are tasked with recognizing a franchisee as a Rock Star, the decision involves careful consideration. Rock Stars display a talent for leadership through charisma. They have to set an example for their own team, as well as the other franchisees in the system. Most often, it comes down to franchise owners who go above and beyond the call of duty. They’re role models, ones that the brand would rather see emulated by the existing–and future–franchisees in the network. It takes a positive attitude, productivity, efficiency, and a diehard commitment to the values, mission, and culture of the franchisor. Sometimes, it can be a difficult decision. Other times, such as with Karen Mora of Payroll Vault, it’s an obvious one. As you’ll see, when it came down to selecting Mora as their Rock Star nominee, Payroll Vault didn’t hesitate to follow through in their choice of a top performer.

When the Choice Is Made for You

Karen Mora didn’t necessarily set out to become a Payroll Vault franchise owner. At least not directly. At the time she discovered Payroll Vault, she was already heading up her own private bookkeeping firm. She crossed paths with the opportunity while looking for a better software solution–one that would provide ancillary HR services that go above and beyond what the marketplace was currently offering. “I never imagined being a franchise owner, but after one meeting with Payroll Vault, I quickly became aware of the benefits offered to franchisees. I looked at several other opportunities, but none offered the structure and solutions they did. With an impressive business model to help me manage and grow my payroll business and well-developed systems to provide solutions my clients needed, I quickly became interested. The initial discovery meetings were comprehensive and informative, and all my questions were answered. I spoke with current franchise owners who shared their experiences, and many had similar stories, a need for improved solutions for payroll processing. The Payroll Vault franchise model looked to be a solid formula for operating a payroll business and has since proved so as well.” So, she did what any entrepreneurial-minded individual would do – she took the plunge in 2018, becoming a Payroll Vault franchisee in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

Payroll Vault Franchise Opportunity—A Sound Value Proposition

Already familiar with the need to operate a smooth-running human resources department, Karen Mora quickly became enamored with Payroll Vault’s value proposition. Payroll work can be tedious, routine, and even mundane work – but it’s a task that’s absolutely critical for any small business. But having a superior solution makes being a Payroll Vault franchisee a satisfying proposition. “The best part about the day-to-day operation is the satisfaction that we are providing our clients with solutions needed, so they can focus on running their businesses or households. Our business clients are happy with virtual timekeeping for remote employees – so that payroll is easily processed and payments are electronic, no matter what state they live in. We’ve become specialists in processing payroll in many other states due to the pandemic and remote workforces, which can be challenging as each state has its own rules. Larger payroll companies don’t do the work required to set up companies in other states, but we do, and our clients are very thankful and appreciative. A happy client gives us all great satisfaction in our daily work.”

Building a Team of Payroll Vault Franchise Superstars

While Karen Mora is absolutely humbled to be recognized as a top-performing Rock Star by her franchisor, Payroll Vault, she’s also quick to share the credit for this prestigious honor with her staff, whom she calls her superstars. “I’m humbled to be identified as a top-performing Rock Star, and my proudest achievement so far is hiring a team of payroll superstars. Our combined teamwork is why we have a successful business, and as we often say, ‘There is no I in Team.’ My staff has a high level of respect and trust for each other, and it allows us to work through some challenging situations with our clients. When someone on the team is having a rough day, they speak up, and the rest of the team leans in. That level of trust can be difficult to form in a team, but we have achieved it.” In this regard, Karen Mora is what many in the sports world call a “Player’s Coach,” someone who puts the needs of their team members well ahead of their own interests. Well into her fifth year as a Payroll Vault franchise owner, Mora has built a sound operation. But that doesn’t mean she has plans to sit back on her laurels. Rather, she’s even more driven to succeed, setting an example for future franchisees to follow. “What drives me is learning and growing – both in business and personally. Being an entrepreneur and owner of two businesses with my husband and business partner is challenging but also rewarding. It’s rewarding to provide a trusted, solutions-based environment for our clients so that they can focus on their businesses. My motivation comes from the understanding that, as a business owner, I’m supporting employees and their families, and my team is supporting our clients who support their employees and families. I guess I’m just a payroll nerd at heart – it’s the right role for me!”

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