Right at Home Franchisee Michelle Rankine has a Passion for Serving Others

Right at Home Franchisee Michelle Rankine, PhD
Lewisville, TX
Franchise Owner Since 2013
120 Employees

Before owning her franchise, Michelle Rankine spent ten years in various leadership roles in sports management and education, including working for Purdue University, the United States Olympic Committee, the University of Denver, the New York Jets, Nike, the Big Ten Conference, Sun Belt Conference, and NCAA. She has extensive experience leading and mentoring teams to maximize group performance. She was instrumental in creating the first-ever competition that combines Paralympic and Olympic Judo Athletes. She also helped develop a high-performance plan for increasing the country’s sports pipeline. 

Michelle has always been passionate about serving others and is a steadfast proponent of Dorothy Height’s philosophy: ‘Without service, we would not have a strong quality of life. It’s important to the person who serves as well as the recipient. It’s how we grow and develop.’  

“One day, while completing my doctoral degree, I saw an advertisement for the Right at Home franchise. The ad hit home because my family was in the process of helping my paraplegic brother, who was in a terrible car accident in 2011. The experience of having to source additional in-home healthcare and support for him opened my eyes to the need for experienced and well-equipped healthcare professionals.”

“At that time, I also desired more from my career. Growing up, I had an entrepreneurial spirit, selling candy to schoolmates and selling the latest fashion to college classmates.  I knew I wanted to be a business owner, but I wanted a system to follow—one with a great mission. I wanted a proven model of success and support—a team of mastermind thinkers with the same passion for people as myself. Right At Home had it all! I didn’t feel like I was walking alone in my entrepreneurial journey. I had a team of fantastic staff and other owners to help mitigate the risks and challenges of being a business owner.” 

Franchise Research: Conducting Due Diligence

When researching franchises, Michelle initially considered five different brands. “This was my first significant investment, and I wanted to ensure I had all the information before making a final decision. My top criteria were thorough and effective training, the culture of the organization, and its financial strength. I used FBR’s website and its top franchise lists as part of my due diligence,” she said. “I downloaded all the franchise reports! Franchisee satisfaction also played a significant role in my decision-making. I wanted to ensure other owners were satisfied with their purchase. This helped guide my decision to focus on and commit to Right At Home. They stood out to me in these areas above all others.”  

“As part of my due diligence, I spoke with several Right at Home franchise owners to better understand the business. Some of my questions were: Would you purchase this franchise again? Has it been profitable? Did you feel prepared to run the business after the training process? What is one thing you wish you had known before starting the business? What was your motivation behind purchasing this franchise? Is having healthcare experience essential to starting an in-home healthcare business?” 

When it was time to speak with the franchisor, her questions focused on culture, vision, mission, and values. “All these things make for a successful business,” she said. “Some of the critical questions I asked were: What is the company’s vision over the next ten years? How do they maintain culture with growth? What does franchisee support look like? What type of coaching and career development opportunities are available for staff? What is the success rate of the average new franchisee? Has the franchisor conducted any market studies on the territory I would be responsible for to ensure my success?”  

Ongoing Support and Recognition

“Once I started, my biggest challenge was planning and setting up my personal franchise’s framework for success. I wanted to create an office culture that fosters the ability to improve the lives of those we serve. I surrounded myself with other local business owners and Right at Home corporate support to overcome these challenges. Their knowledge and insights helped to guide me on my entrepreneurial journey and develop a stellar franchise.”  

“The second challenge was marketing. I had to be comfortable marketing this brand. Overcoming this was a great career highlight. I had one-on-one, in-person training with my Right at Home business coach to better understand the brand and market my services effectively.” 

I’ve always thought of myself as an introverted person. Therefore, I needed help understanding the face-to-face marketing aspect of the business. My franchise business coach recognized opportunities for growth and started one-on-one personal training sessions with me. My franchise supports and encourages success through its unique culture and marketing. It truly exemplifies being in business for yourself but not by yourself. Support is an actionable item for Right at Home. My coach flew all the way from Nebraska to Texas to share best practices and walk me through the process of face-to-face marketing and cold calls. Her guidance and encouragement gave me the confidence to be a strong-minded and successful businesswoman.” 

Right At Home takes their franchisee’s suggestions very seriously. The Franchise Satisfaction Surveys are sent out yearly. I always make it a point to participate in the surveys, and I believe the franchisor values my feedback. I’ve seen my feedback as actionable items that the organization prioritizes. Right At Home cares about its franchisees and wants to ensure they are happy and successful!” 

“In 2022, my franchise was awarded the National Caregiver Satisfaction Award at the National Home Improvement Conference. That was an incredibly proud moment for me and my team and a testament to the hard work we put into building this business. I have always wanted to foster a great culture in my office, and this was validation of our hard work and dedication. By promoting a culture and environment for growth, we have made a difference in our local community. This award is displayed at our office and reminds us daily to put our employees first.”

It Takes a Village 

Another philosophy that resonates with Michelle is: ‘Alone, we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.’ Michelle feels blessed to have a strong community of friends and family members supporting her in all her endeavors. “All my family and friends have helped me throughout growing my business. My journey would have been much more challenging without ‘my team’ supporting me. I am forever grateful for them!” 

“Another aspect I enjoy about my business is being active in the local community. We have joined local support groups and are involved with the Chamber of Commerce and the Alzheimer’s Association of America. I’m also a board member of the Wellness Center for Seniors. In addition, I’m honored to be a guest speaker at many functions and events around the city of Dallas.” 

“All the lessons I’ve learned have helped to shape me into the successful franchise owner I am today. Every day is about wins and losses, and the journey is fluid. If I were to advise future franchise buyers, I’d say you must learn to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. You must be open to new things and ideas when starting a business. Be willing to do the research and be consistent. Learning and growth come with challenges, but having a mindset to work through them is vital!” 

I am passionate about helping those who can’t help themselves. My favorite thing about what I do is bring light to my clients during their darkest moments. Although the client calls can be tough, the people we support and care for are lovely and independent. They have come to a time when they need our help and assistance. I love providing care and support in a dignified manner that empowers our clients!” 

“Through my business, I live one of my core philosophies: ‘Treat all people with kindness and dignity, especially our seniors.’ In a busy and modern world, it is easy to get caught up and forget the people who laid the foundation for what we experience today. You can choose to be anything in this world; be kind!” 

“I would love to expand my territory one day—although I’m still in the planning and development phase. I look forward to growing and expanding my reach in my existing franchise. I will keep you posted on my progress!”  

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