The Sky is the Limit for HomeVestors of America Franchisee Rita Tower

HomeVestors of America Franchisee Rita Tower

HomeVestors of America Franchisee Rita Tower
Houston, Texas
Franchise Owners Since 2015
4 Employees

“I flipped homes on my own for about three years before buying a franchise. I found the most difficult thing for me was capturing quality leads. I was able to solve that problem by buying a franchise. I knew I needed to be better trained and to be in an environment that fostered success in the real estate investment arena. My family and friends have always supported my entrepreneurial pursuits, and they were happy to see that this one that really took hold!”

When I first started exploring franchises, I didn’t have a list of criteria. I wasn’t that sophisticated! My mind was set on HomeVestors from the start. I wanted to be the best I could be, so I wanted to align myself with the top company in real estate investment.

Franchisee satisfaction ratings were a major contributing factor in my decision-making process. Although I preferred to hear directly from the franchisees, I definitely considered the overall ratings.

After interacting with the people I met at HomeVestors, I quickly realized this was the team who could help me get to the next level. I spoke with almost every franchise owner in my market. They were incredibly positive about their experience, and most were doing well. I asked about the capital requirements and what volume they were doing. I also asked, if you had it to do over again, would you? There wasn’t one person that said they wished they had not purchased a franchise. That was very telling.

“I asked a similar question of the franchisor—which held the most weight for me—if you had to do it over, would you do it differently?”
“I purchased a HomeVestors franchise because of the people. They continually show me they are there to help me succeed. Even though they are not involved in my day-to-day business operations, we are all working together to be successful in this business.”

Creating Success with HomeVestorsRita Tower HomeVestors of America Franchisee

“I had a few instances where cash flow was a big issue. In fact, it almost put me out of business. This is a capital-intensive business. I secured a few additional sources of money and pulled myself out of trouble. I listened to the HomeVestors leadership team, who told me, ‘No matter what happens, don’t stop buying houses!’ That worked!”

“I had my most successful year last year, and I have plans in motion to double what I did last year! I have hired more people, and I am considering an increased investment in my marketing. To say I’m nervous about it is an understatement. But, I am literally putting my trust in the HomeVestors leadership, and they tell me I am going to be just fine. That gives me the confidence I need to accomplish big things.”

“They say you learn more from your failures than from your successes. It’s really about getting in the trenches and getting it done. Today, I am not just a person who flips houses and has some rentals. I am a true business owner looking to expand in a business where the sky is the limit!”

“I am constantly trying to get better at the business and grow. The goal all along has been to own a business that I manage. There’s nothing else I’d rather be doing. This company and the people involved have forever changed my life.”

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