Snap-on Tools Franchisee Has the “Tools” to Grow His Business Sevenfold

Franchisors love singling out high-performing franchisees in their system, the ones who set the example for others to follow. It’s this sentiment that explains why Paul Megrath was nominated as a multi-unit Rock Star for the Snap-on Tools franchise. Megrath started his entrepreneurial journey in 2004 and has grown his enterprise operation to include seven territories and a total of 15 employees. Initially, he’d seen close friends and acquaintances who’d purchased Snap-on franchises that later went on to have a great deal of success. And he couldn’t help but want a piece of it for himself. And now that he’s grown his own Snap-on empire, he has no plans to slow down. Megrath is always looking to recruit additional franchisees into the system, knowing it makes the brand stronger as a whole. His business ownership acumen and the example he sets day in, and day out, have made him an obvious choice for Snap-on’s Rock Star status.

Considering the Snap-on Tools Franchise Opportunity

Megrath is a meticulous business owner, so before he took the plunge and went all in with Snap-on Tools, he spent the requisite amount of time doing his due diligence. He read every single page of the franchise disclosure document (FDD), but he felt like there was no substitute for hitting the pavement and talking to existing Snap-on owners. “There’s nothing like getting answers from the people who are actually in the position. During the process of determining if it’s a good fit, each candidate goes on a ride-along with a franchisee. I was able to not only watch him run his business throughout the course of the day, but I was able to get every question answered to my satisfaction.”

Leveraging the Provided “Tools” to Grow

After signing his first franchise agreement with Snap-on, it was on to training. He quickly learned the ropes and after establishing a steady and sustainable operation, he was able to use his experience and success to level up and add more territories. Seven more, to be specific. “I’m very thankful that Snap-on Tools allowed me to grow my business to my seven franchises. With each one, we would have a discussion to ensure that it was good for me, good for the customers, and good for Snap-on. And every time, we agreed that it was. Beyond that, Snap-on provides sophisticated point-of-sale systems—for all franchise owners—that allow me to build quotes and get contracts signed with ease. It allows me to move at the rapid speed of my business.” But aside from his personal success as a Snap-on owner, what Megrath appreciates the most is watching others grow their own operations. He’s well aware that the collective success of all franchisees makes the brand that much stronger.

A Shift In Mindset—From “Me” to “We”

If there’s one thing Paul Megrath is known for, it’s his leadership capabilities. That’s because he understands that those in a position of power have a great amount of responsibility. And he takes extreme care in making sure that the 15+ employees who depend on him have direction and strategic advice to help the multi-unit Snap-on operation run smoothly. “As a single-franchise owner, you only have the responsibility for yourself. When you have multiple franchises, you have a responsibility to a whole team of people and their families. You must look at things through a different lens and shift your mindset from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ As a multi-franchise owner, you make decisions based on the good of the team. I love my team, and it’s so fulfilling to watch them grow and succeed.”

This Multi-Unit Franchise Rock Star Is Not Slowing DownPAUL MEGRATH SNAP-ON TOOLS

Emboldened by two decades of success as a multi-unit Snap-on Tools franchisee, Paul Megrath has no plans to slow down anytime soon. His “all gas, all the time” approach has him scouring other potential Snap-on devotees. “I’m continually looking for great franchise candidates. When our franchise system is strong, all of our franchises are more valuable, and our customers are better served. My first business saw immediate growth when I hired my first franchise assistant. Today, that’s the only way I roll. It’s really important to have one person taking care of the products and managing the back office and another fluent facing, building relationships and handling the big-ticket issues.” While he has a great eye for talent, he doesn’t mince words when it comes to fitting the bill of being a Snap-on franchise owner. To Megrath, it’s a serious business that requires serious people who are invested in their own success. “I would recommend that potential franchise owners be ready to fully commit themselves to the franchise. Be ready to go all in and eat, sleep and breathe the business. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.” Thanks to the success of his seven Snap-on territories, Megrath is one franchise owner who knows this better than most.

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