TSS Photography Franchise Owner’s Success Sets High Bar for Female Empowerment

Rock star performers always lead by example, and you won’t find a more deserving candidate than Rachel Sherman, owner of a TSS Photography franchise in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She’s not only the top-performing female business owner, but she’s also the top-performing franchisee in the entire TSS network, with sales more than double that of the next closest competitor. Some people are just born to do it. They’re just natural-born leaders, innovators, mentors, and trailblazers. Pick your pejorative – if it’s positive, you can attribute it to Sherman. Having already accomplished her lifelong dream of owning her own photography business, she’s now set her sights on empowering the next generation of entrepreneurial females.

From Employee to TSS Photography Owner in No Time Flat

As she completed her formal studies at the Art Institutes, where she majored in Photography, Sherman applied for a job at the local TSS Photography studio. She diligently worked her way up through the ranks, learning every aspect of running a profitable photo studio. She learned the value of networking, where to find new business – and how to secure it. She would go on to buy the business from its existing owner in 2017. Applying all that she learned (and then some), Sherman was responsible for a 23% increase in photo lab sales by 2022. Successful ownership of her own TSS Photography business earned her a prestigious accolade in 2021, as she was named one of Franchise Business Review’s “Most Powerful Women of Franchising.” She was one of only 27 to earn this distinction. The same year, she was also named a Parkland Chamber of Commerce “Woman of Influence” in Broward County, Florida.

A Day in the Life of a TSS Photography Franchise Owner

TSS Photography specializes in providing services for common picture-taking occasions such as school functions and activities, youth sports, headshots, and special events. It’s one thing Sherman appreciates about being the owner of her own studio – no two days are exactly alike. “The biggest thing in business ownership is that you need a network of support, whether it’s your family or friends or a franchise. With a wide range of customer base, there are always lots of opportunities to grow our business. I belong to multiple networking groups and the local Chamber of Commerce. They are great places to meet other women who may be starting their own businesses. And we’ve found that most clients like to work with women-owned businesses. We tend to be more organized and efficient.”

A Business Where You Can Count on Others

Rachel Sherman appreciates the built-in networking that comes from TSS Photography franchise ownership. Not only do you have comprehensive training and close-knit, ongoing support from the brand, but also the other franchisees in the system. Depending on the need, other TSS Photography studio owners are quick to lend a hand, advice, or even equipment, depending on the job at hand. They often compare business plans and the type of project work they’re doing each month. “It’s like a family dynamic. You’re doing what you want to do, and you have a strong support group encouraging you every step of the way.” According to Sherman, one of the best aspects of owning a TSS Photography franchise is the technology they’re afforded. The brand is continually upgrading its lab equipment, incorporating new solutions, and providing assistance whenever possible. She particularly enjoys TSS Photography’s Candid Color Systems, among many of the other programs made available to franchisees.

TSS Photography Franchise Builds Ladder to Success

Rachel Sherman

Rachel Sherman is a humble franchise owner, and she realizes the role she’s playing in empowering others for future TSS Photography franchise ownership. She’s eager to share her experiences in having success. She learned the value of hard work early and often, working for her father, who was involved with franchises his entire life. As a teenager, when others were out playing, she was working – and earning. She always had a streak of independence, which makes her success today that much easier to understand. She preaches about the value of work ethic to others, as being a real go-getter does have its benefits. She believes it’s important to put yourself out there and go after what you really want in life – especially if that means one day owning a business of your own. As for advice to anyone else considering franchise ownership, she’s circumspect. “Talk to as many current franchisees as possible. The most successful to the least successful. That really helps with learning what efforts equal the most success in the industry. A little encouragement goes a long way. Women can do anything men can do. I encourage all female entrepreneurs to follow their dreams and shoot for the stars.”

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