Right at Home Multi-Unit Franchisee Beau Green Shares Insights on Operating His Businesses

Beau Green Multi-Unit Right at Home Franchise Owner

Right at Home
Multi-Unit Franchise Owner: Beau Green
Franchise Locations: Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Montgomery, AL; Tuscaloosa, AL. Nashville, TN; Franklin, TN
First Franchise Opened in 2011

Beau Green is a Right at Home multi-unit franchise owner and former athlete who leverages his coaching skills in developing teams to establish and grow each of his six franchise locations. 

“I love creating a team and strategically working together toward collective goals. Forming teams is about selecting the right people for the right roles. The franchisor is the head coach who helps direct franchisees. And the franchisees learn from one another and grow the brand together. As a franchise owner, I like having the ability to set my own goals and determine the right people for the right roles—starting with leadership, then completing the team to ensure that all roles are successfully covered,” said Green. 

Professionally, Green worked in account management, sales, and small business ownership before purchasing his first Right at Home franchise. “I didn’t have any personal experience in caregiving or health care, but I saw family members care for loved ones, and I’ve always been drawn to health care and technology. Right at Home is an excellent blend of those two things.” 

“Our own family businesses, which employed many people, helped rid me of the fears that could hinder a prospective business owner. Our family and friends could not have been more supportive of my decision to open a non-medical home care franchise. At the age of 30, it felt like the right time for me to put all my energies toward building a business, and a team, to get things rolling.”

When exploring franchise ownership, there were several things that Green looked for. “Engagement was important to me, and I could interpret a franchisor’s level of engagement through our dialogue. Responsiveness also played an important role. As young as I was, I wanted to engage with companies that would take me seriously. Right at Home was not dismissive when they learned my age. The representative I spoke with initially seemed to want me. They wanted to understand what was important to me and spoke with me about territory availability and expansion opportunities around my target area.” 

Knowing that health care was where he wanted to land, Green considered several different home care franchise systems. “I wanted to choose the right organization to align with in my target areas. I made a point to speak with Right at Home franchisees during my research, and that further confirmed that my values are aligned with theirs. We have the same goals in mind.” 

Green conducted his research through several different avenues but primarily online. “I had many conversations with professionals in the field, especially with people in health care, and then I spoke with what would be considered the target consumer— those already receiving services. I also looked at information regarding franchisee satisfaction ratings. Today, participating in franchisee satisfaction surveys is very important. I am intimately familiar with how corporate discusses and adjusts certain business functions based on results from those vitally important surveys.”

Although Green found owning and operating his own business to be initially daunting, he said he received great coaching from Right at Home. “I was able to take on early challenges and appropriately navigate the obstacles. Building trust, getting the first referrals, showing passion without desperation, and getting to know industry professionals proved to be both challenging and rewarding at the same time.” 

Green says that Right at Home corporate does a great job of knowing which owners accomplish certain facets of the business best. “They encourage us to share our knowledge, experiences, and insights. To support one another. Knowing I can pick up the telephone and call an owner and pick their brain on a certain topic or function of the business really helps. It’s a compliment to them from the corporate office. They are more likely to spend time helping as a result of that approach. The by-product is franchisee-to-franchisee coaching, and that relatable connection is invaluable.”

Green says that regularly scheduled coaching calls are important, and engagement in Business Performance Small Groups, Town Halls, and Franchisees serving on the Strategic Leadership Council all reflect the company’s culture of franchisees supporting one another.

In each market, we are a part of several local and specific healthcare and disease organizations, plus business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce. Community involvement is critical. Involvement in health fairs and various education channels that we provide at no cost to medical professionals such as nurses and social workers—our continuing education platform plays an important role.” 

Green operates in five primary markets. In order of launch dates, he operates in  Birmingham, AL; Huntsville, AL; Tuscaloosa, AL; Nashville, TN; and Montgomery, AL. “We have a three-year and five-year roadmap for continued expansion. The conversations about adding Huntsville started just a year after opening the business. Our next expansion came nearly seven years later, but it was appropriately timed for us.” 

“I’m very proud of how well-developed our leaders in the organization operate. Our branch managers and office managers have weekly meetings to share best practices and discuss solutions to burning issues. The leaders are a wealth of industry knowledge, focused on our RightCare – RightApproach (comprehensive care tailored to client needs), RightMission (Improving the quality of life for those we serve), RightServices (wide range of services delivered with excellence), RightPeople (most professional and passionate people in the business).”  

If I were to start all over again, I’d be sure to feverishly pursue insights from other Right at Home franchisees. I have always asked for help from our Corporate office, but I would have been quicker to call, text, or email franchisees asking for a few minutes to talk. They really are the true experts on operating the business.” 

“I love seeing our leaders lead. I love seeing our direct care staff praising our client care coordinators. I truly appreciate being part of such a strong team that learns from one another and works together to achieve goals across all locations. I love that each day is unique. I love that we can make today our signature day and work toward progress and improvement.”

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