Right at Home Senior Care Franchise Recognizes Franchisees and Employees Through Robust Awards Program

Right at Home Senior Care Franchise Awards

With a brand name that is synonymous with compassionate care for the aging and disabled, Right at Home empowers franchisees to leverage a rapidly growing market and make a difference in the lives of its clients and communities. Right at Home senior care franchise has received myriad awards itself, and this franchisor believes in paying it forward. Their robust awards program incentivizes, recognizes, and rewards franchisees and employees who go above and beyond.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are more than 56 million adults ages 65 and older living in the United States, accounting for about 16.9% of the nation’s population. By 2030, it is projected there will be more than 73.1 million older adults. Right at Home franchise owners can not only grow a financially rewarding business by serving this growing population but also positively impact the lives and families of their clients and the surrounding community.

Right at Home delivers inclusive, person-centered, outcome-focused care with compassion, sensitivity, and respect. Franchises provide a variety of services through companionship, personal care services, light housekeeping, transportation, and other forms of assistance to elderly and disabled clients who wish to live independently, right at home. Most Right at Home offices are independently owned and operated and directly employ and supervise all caregiving staff. 

Each Right at Home senior care franchise determines the type of care they’ll offer their clients. Services may include any combination of the following services:

  • Respite care for family and primary caregivers
  • In-home care for seniors and individuals with disabilities
  • In-home care for individuals with dementia and cognitive change
  • Some offices offer skilled nursingincluding medication administration
  • Support and care for patients immediately after a hospital discharge

Leading by Example–A Robust Recognition Program 

In 2022 alone, Right at Home was recognized as an FBR Top 200 Franchise, Most Innovative Franchise, Most Profitable Franchise, Top Recession-Proof Franchise, and a Top Franchise for Veterans. Plus, Right at Home has been inducted into the FBR Hall of Fame. Only franchises that have demonstrated long-term dedication to franchisee satisfaction and an outstanding franchise opportunity for 10+ years earn membership into the FBR Hall of Fame. 

In response to the franchise winning its sixth award in 2022 as a Most Profitable Franchise, Jen Chaney, vice president of franchise development, said, “To be recognized for having consistently high franchisee satisfaction ratings, as well as strong financial performance, is every franchisor’s dream come true! This is a testament to Right at Home’s dedication to supporting our franchisees in every aspect of the business, but most importantly, our dedication to supporting every franchise owner’s path to profitability while ensuring they love what they do.”

Franchisee satisfaction is a key focus for the lauded brand. Right at Home encourages franchise owners to find fulfillment in their careers, to lead by example by walking the walk and talking the talk, and to excel at what they do. The brand’s recognition and awards program not only excites and inspires franchise owners and employees to go above and beyond but also represents the company’s commitment to also improving the lives of its people.  

paul blom right at home franchiseePaul Blom, the owner of Right at Home Greater Twin Cities in Minnesota, said, “We cherish our caregivers and employees, and we want them to realize how valued they truly are. Our office has been honored to receive several awards over the years. For me, the absolute best feeling is to have our employees rate our business as a top business. It is so satisfying to know we’ve built an organization that reaches that level of employee satisfaction.” 

Right at Home Senior Care Franchise Incentives and Awards Program

Right at Home Excellence Awards
These awards recognize franchisees and caregivers for providing exemplary service to clients and creating a positive experience for all.

  • Clients Satisfaction Awards
    Based on an average of scores calculated from client reviews, this award recognizes the offices that provide exemplary service to their clients.
  • Caregiver Satisfaction Awards
    This award celebrates caregivers who demonstrate exemplary dedication to creating extraordinary client experiences.
  • Caregiver of the Year Award
    This is the highest honor bestowed upon one caregiver each year. This award celebrates someone who consistently goes above and beyond—someone who personifies the Right at Home mission in all they do.

Right at Home Transformation Awards
These awards recognize Franchisees for embracing the Right at Home spirit and culture in all they do.

  • Allen Hager RightSpirit Award
  • President’s Marketing Excellence Award
  • President’s Brand Ambassador Award
  •  Grow it Forward Reward

Right at Home Growth Awards
Recognizing Franchisees for outstanding performance regarding revenue generation and growth.

  • President’s Circle Award
    This award is a big destination trip awarded to several franchise owners who exceed a certain revenue number.
  • Growth Achievement Awards
    o   Rookie of the Year
    o   Head of Class (2-5 Years)
    o   Highest Annual Revenue

right at home senior care franchise caregiver of the yearOne of the company’s coveted titles is National Caregiver of the Year. This is the highest honor awarded by Right at Home to only one outstanding caregiver each year. Keshia Prejean’s compassion, selflessness, and willingness to go above and beyond have made her an invaluable member of Right at Home and a beloved caregiver for seniors in her community. Margaret Haynes, president and CEO of Right at Home said, “This award honors those caregivers who provide extraordinary service to clients every day, and Keshia has illustrated the very essence of the award. She continually lives our mission, ‘To improve the quality of life for those we serve.’ We are so grateful that Keshia is part of Right at Home.” To learn more about Keshia’s story, click here.

RAH Franchisee Reid GrierFollowing in his franchisor’s footsteps, Right at Home franchise owner Reid Grier of Miami, Florida, believes in recognizing great performance. “Operating a Right at Home franchise provides fulfillment on many levels,” he explained. “We over-invest in our employees through training, support, and recognition. We have a generous employee incentive program that includes a signing bonus, a 60-day bonus, and a three, six, and 12-month bonus structure. We also give gifts of appreciation to keep people engaged and excited. Employees who feel valued and appreciated, and are well compensated, are more likely to show the same commitment to caring for our business and clients. Plus, satisfied employees are more likely to stay onboard for the long term.”

Why Invest in a Right at Home Senior Care Franchise?

Founded in 1995 and based in Omaha, Nebraska, Right at Home has more than 600 franchise locations across the U.S. Right at Home has long differentiated itself from its competition in the senior care segment by emphasizing training and support, focusing on hiring the right people, providing clients with the right care, and ensuring that franchise owners are successful and satisfied.

 If you are interested in learning more about owning a Right at Home franchise, the company invites interested candidates to join one of their bi-weekly webinars. These webinars allow participants to join in conversation with members of the home office, including the marketing, operations, and franchise development teams, to ask questions about the company, culture, opportunity, onboarding, training, and more. To learn more about Right at Home bi-weekly webinars, click here.

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