Senior Care Authority Franchise Rock Star Loves Giving Back to His Community

When asked what he loves most about his work, Adam Flattau answers with conviction; “That’s easy. I love helping families and giving back to my community. The Senior Care Authority franchise business model empowers me to do what I love and sleep well at night.” With empathy, patience, compassion, and professionalism, Adam has guided over 500 families through confusing and desperate circumstances and distilled the hurdles into manageable tasks to support them fully throughout the process.

Driven By the Desire to Give Back

“30 years of being successful in Corporate America was financially rewarding, but it lacked a sense of giving back or contributing to my community in a meaningful way. Senior Care Authority walks the walk and talks the talk with compassion, honesty, transparency, and accessibility. Those were among the traits that first stood out to me.”

“The ability to speak at length with other Senior Care Authority franchise owners provided insightful information to help me make the right decision. Their transparency in discussing all aspects of their operations as well as their experiences with the franchisor was refreshing. It was very telling the way franchisees described the level of ongoing support they receive from the Senior Care Authority franchise.”

“After a considerable amount of phone conversations and in-person meetings with franchisees and the corporate team, I was convinced that this franchise is committed to servicing its franchisees and growing the whole system. I was also attracted to the dual revenue model of placement income and consulting income. It allows me to better serve my clients and their families with individualized care plans.”

“The training Senior Care Authority provides franchisees is exceptional! As I was entering a new field, education, training, and support were crucial to my success. Having the corporate team come to my location and actually spend multiple days in the field with me provided the foundation needed to be successful. Senior Care Authority does not disappoint. The brand is constantly updating its training programs, marketing practices, and all of its support programs.”

“Being innovative with implementing new services and expanding revenue potential is a core characteristic of Senior Care Authority. These new services, technologies, and support systems demonstrate the desire to empower each franchisee to be as successful as possible.”

Serving His Community Through a Senior Care Authority Franchise

Adam is a big contributor and influencer for the Alzheimer’s Association. He joined the Walk Committee as the Walk Sponsorship Chairperson and is a member of the Alzheimer’s Association board of directors. Most recently, Adam has become the Vice Chairperson of that board. “Devoting my time and resources to the Alzheimer’s Association and other local organizations that help patients with dementia, their families, and their caregivers is a passion of mine.”

Some other his other volunteer activities include his role as a support group volunteer and speaker for the Friedberg JCC Parkinson’s group and a leader and organizer of the annual Adventure Awaits Night devoted to showing appreciation to all care workers and social workers for their work. He is on the Board of Directors, a moderator of meetings for Gerontology Professionals of New York, and a committee member of the Big Business initiative for the National Aging in Place Council.

Supporting Other Senior Care Authority Franchise Owners

“My advice to potential franchise owners regarding the due diligence process is to take your time and ask tons of questions. This is a major decision. It was life-changing for me! I advise people to speak with as many existing and former franchisees as possible. And ask the tough questions when speaking with the Senior Care Authority corporate team. Give great consideration to the ease and transparency of communication you receive from corporate and franchisees during the due diligence process.”

Even before Senior Care Authority had an official peer mentorship program, Adam took the time to help guide and advise new and seasoned franchise owners, helping them problem-solve as the inevitable questions and challenges arose. He is always willing to speak with potential franchise buyers about his own experiences. He was one of the first official mentors, and to this day, he actively engages in the company’s mentor program.

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