Spherion Franchise Rock Star Proves That Tragedy Can Bring Out the Best in Us

David Miller is a second-generation business owner focusing on corporate recruiting and staffing. His father had six offices under a different staffing brand that were eventually acquired by Spherion, a franchisor specializing in the same professional industry of corporate recruiting. By the year 2017, Miller had become a multi-unit Spherion franchise owner. The franchisors’ comprehensive training, operational systems, and ongoing support have helped Miller take these operations to the next level of success. But, as you’ll see, Rock Stars aren’t just singled out for their professional success. Sometimes, it’s what happens outside the office that shines a light on the most deserving of individuals.

New Beginnings As a Multi-Unit Spherion Franchise Owner 

David Miller is a veritable expert in corporate staffing and recruiting, having grown up under the tutelage of his father. And when Spherion acquired the six Florida locations run by the family, the improvement was noticeable right off the bat. “I’ve had the unique experience of watching the Spherion franchise brand evolve over a decade into the leading staffing and recruiting franchise it is today. If I were to do my due diligence today, Spherion would stand out above other concepts because of the people behind the brand. From our corporate leadership team to our franchise owners and employees, everyone is passionate about the work we do to better the communities we call home. We have an incredibly supportive community of franchise owners who would be more than happy to act as a guide for someone considering franchising with Spherion. This will be the best way to develop an understanding of how our operations work and help to give potential candidates insight into how they can grow as business owners with Spherion. Spherion allows us to expand our business into new markets and gives us the resources to do so if that is something we desire.”

Spherion Franchise Ownership Benefits the Community

Miller appreciates the professionalism built into the Spherion franchise operation. With it comes a framework of network systems, tools, and resources that help consultants recruit and place more candidates—thereby getting more people back to work. It becomes a community-based benefit that gives franchise owners a rewarding feeling just to be a part of it all. What’s David’s favorite part of the job? Positive feedback from candidates he’s helped place into better jobs. “It’s the greatest feeling when a job candidate lets you know how much we’ve helped them. We also stay connected with our candidates, especially after they’ve been placed in a position, to ensure that it’s the right match. We love to follow them through their careers, and it’s not uncommon for a candidate to let us know that they’ve had the ability to buy a new car or a new house as a result of our work. Knowing that we played a key part in connecting them with that job opportunity will forever feel like the greatest accomplishment, and it’s the same with our clients. It’s a great feeling when a client shares how much we’ve integrated into their business and helped them to achieve their own business objectives.”

Stepping Up in a Time of Need

For those who may have forgotten, Hurricane Ian left a devastating trail of destruction across southeastern Florida in 2022. David Miller’s home base in Sarasota was not spared. An organization dearest to his heart, the local American Legion Post in Bonita Springs, suffered immense damage. Miller wasted no time becoming an integral part of the relief effort – donating $25,000 out of his own pocket before the debris had even been cleared. Expanding his effort, Miller organized a community food drive, packing 500 bagged lunches for relief workers. These efforts are indicative of the generous nature he’s applied to needy situations many times previously. During the pandemic, he organized a back-to-school supply drive that gave away nearly 200 backpacks to elementary schoolchildren, and he’s an annual participant in Spherion’s own Community Giveback campaign, contributing over $7,000 in all. Aside from his professional success, David Miller knows one thing well – caring can be contagious.

A Sense of Duty and Responsibility

Not only is David Miller a successful multi-unit franchise owner with Spherion, but he has an innate understanding of the responsibility that comes with it—especially when it comes to giving back to the communities he serves. “Business ownership gives you a platform to give back, and you’re able to do it in a variety of ways. You have the opportunity to give back to your employees, job candidates, clients, and organizations that you develop natural ties with within the community.” As a Rock Star candidate, the title is well-deserved. Because we’re all aware that the world could use a few more David Millers to set an example for others to follow.

For more information on the Spherion franchise opportunity, visit spherion.com/franchise, email [email protected], or call 951-587-6864.

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