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Cash Required


Total Startup Investment

$93,048 - $154,307

Net Worth Required

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Why Should I Buy a BrightStar Franchise?

  • FIVE Multiple Revenue Streams / Not Limited to Companion and Personal Care – home care/home health care (non-medical & medical), private pay home health care, National Accounts and medical staffing. 

  • Scalable business model – with uncapped revenue potential 

  • $1,772,699 Combined Average Revenue – for franchisees 1st locations open at least 12 months as of December 31, 2018 (*see additional details in BrightStar Care 2019 FDD, Item 19, Table A.) 

  • $346,840 Average National Account Revenue** for franchisees 1st location only opened 12+ months as of December 31, 2018 (see additional details in BrightStar Care 2019 FDD, Item 19, Table E).

  • Uncapped revenue potential – Robust franchise system allows franchisees to capitalize on multiple services and revenue streams. 

  • National Accounts – BrightStar has established large national and regional accounts that our franchisees can benefit from. These National Accounts relationships provide additional revenue opportunities for franchisees that are participating in the program. 

  • Joint Commission Accreditation – Our franchisees obtain J.C. Accreditation, which is considered the highest standard for health care organizations, and earned by many hospitals, doctors’ offices and nursing homes. This dedication to A Higher Standard sets us apart from our competition and provides peace of mind for our clients knowing that their loved ones are being cared for by a professional organization.

Even though this information is historical and based on actual information, the Federal Trade Commission requires us to include the following statement: “These figures are estimates only. If you rely on these figures, there is no assurance you will have the same experience. You must accept the risk of not generating these same results.” This information is published in the Item 19 of our 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document, along with additional information regarding franchisee first agency average revenues and gross margins.

What is the BrightStar Franchise Business Model?

BrightStar is a unique international franchise brand offering the full continuum of home care, home health care, childcare, medical staffing and support services for individuals, families and healthcare facilities. We are in the business of providing the full continuum of home care, home health care, childcare, medical staffing and support services for individuals, families and healthcare facilities. We help keep parents and grandparents out of nursing facilities and in the comfort of their own homes, as well as assisting parents with their childcare (medical and non-medical) needs. We can provide every service available at a nursing facility and more.

What Franchise Training & Support Programs Does BrightStar Offer?

BrightStar Care franchisees receive three weeks of initial training as well as ongoing franchise support. We also provide training for each franchisee’s Director of Nursing, Sales Director, and Branch Manager. Franchisees also have the support of a Start Coach, an ongoing Field Support Coach, BrightStar’s corporate staff, and fellow franchisees. We also host national conferences every year to bring together franchisees and their staffs, discuss new initiatives, and share best practices. BrightStar Care also has state-of-the-art exclusive and proprietary technology system in the place to help you manage every aspect of your business. One of the things that’s very unique to us, is the BrightStar Care technology platform as opposed to our competitors. It is the investment that we have always made in technology that makes us stand out.

What Marketing Support and Programs Does BrightStar Offer?

BrightStar Care franchisees benefit from stunning marketing materials and access to our marketing team for creative projects to help our offices stand out in local markets. Local Marketing resources include: 

  • Pre-produced print ads and professional brochures 
  • Access to professional marketing materials 24/7
  • Powerful web-presences – Personalized & search-engine optimized websites to generate local traffic and establish presence online
  • PR & Social Media – BrightStar Care creates buzz nationally and locally. We will help you create a buzz in your market area by capitalizing on social media and localized PR strategies
  • High-quality National TV ads

What Does A Day in the Life of a BrightStar Franchisee Look Like?

    Function of the owner/daily tasks:

    • Owner typically takes on a branch manager/operations manager role so is not expected to be front line sales  

    • Owner sets the right culture and tone for the business. Builds the right team, practices the appropriate financial disciplines, and is the face of the business in the community. Training helps build the skills necessary to be successful in this highly personal service business. 

    • Staff: Salesperson, Director of Nursing, Branch Manager. Owners typically fill one of the three (typically branch manager/operations manager) early on in the development stages of the business — their role will evolve into GM role over time as the business grows. 

    • The program is designed so the hands-on ownership evolves to manage-the-manager if desired.

    What Are the Costs, Fees, and Financing Options?

      The costs associated with opening a BrightStar Care franchise can vary depending on several factors. The initial invest ranges from $93,048 to $154,307*. The cost ranges are categorized and listed in the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) which you will receive as part of our franchise awarding process. Not included in the range above is first-year additional-working capital.** * This amount covers the first three months of operations. **See Item 7 Footnote 14 for a recommended estimate of additional working capital needed for the first 12 months of operations.

      Financing: BrightStar has partnered with third party financing companies to pre-package SBA loans that are specifically structured for this business model. 

      How Much Money Can I Make as a BrightStar Franchisee?

      Our business model sets us apart in several ways. We offer the full continuum of care, including typically higher margin skilled care that other franchises shy away from; we offer medical staffing solutions for other healthcare providers, giving franchisees another revenue stream and provide incomes for their staff; and franchisees enjoy a growing National Accounts program, in which large healthcare providers are turning to BrightStar Care and its franchisees for help providing home care and home health care services to clients. Our systems and support make it easy for you and your staff to manage the complexity of the business model; yet that complexity also wards off competitors, providing a strategic advantage for franchisees. Those advantages yield bottom line results. Much more detailed information can be found in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

      How Long Does it Take to Open a BrightStar Franchise?

      Once your Franchise Agreement is signed, the real work begins. We will provide you with a Start Coach and checklists to follow as you work to get your business open. Our BrightStar training and support team will also begin working with you to help you master the knowledge that will help you get off to a strong start. We will be with you every step of the way. Expect a lot of support!

      Do I Need Prior Industry Experience to Open this Franchise?

      We know that our home health care franchise business model works, so finding the right franchisee is very important to us. Our franchise awarding process will help in deciding if BrightStar Care is the right franchise for you and for us to determine if you are right for BrightStar Care. 

      No medical or industry experience required. Our franchisees come from varying backgrounds, so home care or home health care experience is not required. Most of all, we can teach you how to run a home health care franchise business. 

      The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, outgoing, have a proven record of career success, have a high level of business acumen, and most importantly have the ability to manage and lead a team. Additional qualities include: 

      • Passion to deliver quality service 
      • High level of personal accountability 
      • Proactive 
      • Positive 
      • Strong leader 
      • Process oriented 
      • Team player 
      • Values benefit of franchise model

      Does BrightStar Franchise Offer a Veteran’s Discount?

      VetFran Discount: $5,000 discount off the franchise fee.

      What are Some Common Objections?

      “I have no medical experience”

      1. Unfounded fear that one must understand the medical business
      2. This is a simple sales and medical staffing business; medical experience is not required.
      3. A small percentage of our owners are from the medical field, but this is not who we seek as business owners. It is never an issue as we have a full clinical department and each office will have a clinical specialist to provide support and guidance.

      “There is too much competition”

      1. The BrightStar Full Continuum of care separates us from the rest
      2. Multiple revenue streams offer more revenue options – not limited to companion care.
      3. Competition is good! It means there is high demand and allows you to differentiate yourself. 
      4. In-home care and home health care is in its early stages of growth and acceptance. It is a cottage industry with fragmented offerings. There is a wide opening for a strong brand leader
      5. The market is huge and growing.