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$80,150 - $147,150

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Initially founded in 1995 by former hospital administrator Allen Hager, Right at Home provides in-home care services to allow seniors and people with disabilities to retain as much independence and dignity as possible. Currently in 8 countries with over 600 locations operating, Right at Home is one of the largest home care franchises in the world.

What are the benefits of owning this franchise?

In addition to the obvious financial rewards of business ownership in general, Right at Home Franchisees are known for having a sense of fulfillment, accomplishment, and they take pride in knowing that they've created a sustainable business to serve others as they age. Right at Home is a great fit for people who want their work to have more purpose, and who want to use their business skills in a more meaningful way.

What is the business model?

The business model is designed to provide supportive care services that allow clients to retain as much of their independence and dignity as possible, in their own home. Most Franchisees provide companionship and personal care services. These include playing cards with a client, preparing meals, helping them brush their teeth and get dressed, as well as help with errands. Some Franchisees provide in-home nursing services as well. All of these services help ease the burden on the client's family and friends who are often overwhelmed with providing and coordinating care for their loved ones.

What franchisee training and support programs do you offer?

Right at Home offers a highly-rated two week initial training program at the company's headquarters in Omaha. This training provides a solid foundation for your ongoing learning as a Right at Home Franchisee. There are also webinars, town hall meetings, a well-attended annual convention, and many other aspects to Right at Home's training and support program. Each Franchisee is assigned to an Engagement Team which includes a Business Coach, Online Marketing Specialist, and Business Operations Coordinator to help them get the business open and profitable as soon as possible. Franchisees also have the option to join Right at Home's highly-acclaimed peer performance groups after their first year in business.

What marketing and support programs do you offer?

Perhaps one of the most robust portions of the Right at Home support program is delivered through the Online Marketing Specialists (OMS). These team members manage your website content and structure, as well as social media posting and strategy. The costs and time required to build and manage a website as well as social media accounts and related content and SEO can be staggering for small businesses. Right at Home makes this part of business ownership easy, so you can focus on building your business. In addition to the support provided by the OMS, Right at Home has a national brand fund, sophisticated marketing and brand management, and professional public relations support.

Describe the typical day of a franchisee:

Initially, your day as Right at Home Franchisee will be somewhat tactical. As you learn the business you'll be active in all aspects of your company - especially sales and marketing, client intake visits, and back office functions like payroll. As you grow and scale your business, you'll hire people to cover the functions that you no longer want to manage, and focus more of your time on building the framework to allow your business to grow. But, regardless of what growth stage your business is in, you'll likely always remain active in the community. This includes interacting with referral sources, industry associations such as the Parkinson's Foundation, and community leaders to help preserve as much independence and dignity as possible for seniors in the community.

What are the costs, fees, and financing options?

Right at Home's initial investment is $80,150 - $147,150. The ongoing royalty is 5%. To be considered for a franchise, you must have access to at least $150,000, which can include any combination of cash, retirement funds, home equity, loans, etc. In addition, we refer you to several small business lenders who are familiar with our brand.

How much money can a franchisee make?

One of the most attractive features of a Right at Home Franchise is that it's a service business. With some businesses such as retail, restaurant, and automotive, there is a maximum limit to some extent on the number of customers you can serve during a typical day in your business. There's only so many bays in the automotive facility, and only so many seats in the restaurant. With Right at Home, your goals and level of commitment play a much greater factor in what you make. That's because care is happening in your client's homes. If you want to make more money, you'll start by simply looking for more customers and care staff to serve them - not by looking for more real estate or buying more equipment. Right at Home also provides potential investors with a thorough performance summary in their Franchise Disclosure Document that is based on current franchisee data. This includes sales, gross margin, labor, and marketing costs. While this doesn't necessarily tell you how much money you can make, it is at least an indicator of how others have performed in the past. Please contact Right at Home to receive a copy of this document.

How long does it take to open a franchise?

Franchisees typically open within 90-120 days of signing the Franchise Agreement, with some variations for certain states whose home care licensure processes require more time.

Do franchisees need prior industry experience?

No. While there are some Right at Home Franchisees with previous experience as a nurse or other clinical experience, many come from the corporate world. All of the training and support is designed assuming that you do not have any industry experience.

Do you offer a discount for veterans?

We offer a 10% discount for veterans.