Innovation and Insight Set Caring Senior Service Franchise Apart from Other In-Home Care Agencies

Home care and caregiving jobs are projected to grow 25 percent through 2031 to meet growing demand, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is not surprising. As the number of baby boomers is predicted to grow by more than 11 million people over the next decade, demand for in-home care agencies will continue to increase as well. The Caring Senior Service franchise is poised to meet this demand with its ever-expanding number of in-home care agencies.

Two-thirds of American adults—and more than three-quarters of adults over 50—want to age in their own homes, according to AARP’s “Home and Community Preferences” survey. In-home care providers, or agencies that provide personal care services to seniors and individuals with disabilities in their homes, continue to plan for the influx of clients who need their services.

Caring Senior Service, a 30-year-old, Texas-based home care franchise, provides non-medical in-home care services to seniors and adults needing extra support. The well-established company is prepared to meet the needs of this growing segment of the population. With 55 locations across the United States, the franchisor plans to double in size in the next two years.

To ensure franchise owners are able to consistently address quality care in their locations, the operational support team has identified a blueprint that allows franchisees to respond to clients’ needs using The GreatCare Method®

“Over our three decades of service, we have learned that great service can only be delivered by qualified, experienced staff with a distinct track to continually develop their talents. Our method ensures that every caregiver you hire has the right personality and skill level to provide quality services to clients, plus has an ongoing level of training to enhance our services” said Jeff Bevis, chief operating officer of Caring Senior Service.

Following a Blueprint for In-Home Care Successpat abernathey caring senior services in home care

Pat Abernathey, of Lakewood, Colorado, has been a part of the Caring Senior Service family for 17 years. He began his relationship with the company working as a franchise business coach before becoming a franchise owner in 2012. After spending seven years teaching others to succeed in franchising, Pat decided to take the plunge himself.

Coming from a background in journalism, public relations, and sports marketing, Abernathey had no prior experience in the healthcare industry but had learned from others that Caring Senior Service was owner-friendly and provided tools to help its franchisees grow their businesses. Today, he and his wife currently own and operate locations in Boulder and Lakewood, serving clients in Boulder, Jefferson, and Denver Counties. They provide care to 50 clients and support 80 caregivers between the two locations today as they continue to grow.

The Caring Senior Service franchise uses what it calls its GreatCare Method as its framework for how franchises should deliver superior home care services, making it easier for owners to make sound business decisions as they continually scale for growth. The method addresses the three most important areas of concern in home care: quality caregivers, customized care solutions, and active involvement.

“The method provides a blueprint for consistent care and allows our team to match caregivers with clients’ preferences and needs,” Abernathey said. “It also helps us build relationships with referral sources and find additional resources for clients.”

For example, caregivers hired by Caring Senior Service franchisees must have at least one year of experience, undergo national background checks, and supply verified references. The  national support center also provides each franchise owner with access to training tools, ensuring that all caregivers have a thorough knowledge of the types of patient conditions they might encounter on the job. Caring Senior Service’s internal library includes more than 100 continuing education courses franchise owners can use to upskill their caregivers. This also gives caregivers a blueprint for professional growth and development that sets Caring Senior Service apart from any other home care brand.

“The GreatCare Method sets Caring Senior Service apart by reducing the reliance on a franchise owner to ensure consistency,” Abernathey said. “Everyone is empowered to make decisions as long as they follow it. Owners can then scale, hire, and take on more clients”.

Elevating In-Home Care Services Through Innovation

Once caregivers start working with a client, Caring Senior Service provides robust technology via their proprietary technology stack, Tendio®. “This software empowers a full care assessment for each client including in-depth analysis of daily needs including health, physical, social, emotional, and financial needs. Through consultation and the benefit of our technology, clients’ families are provided ongoing insight into their loved one’s needs and progress so they can make informed care decisions together,” Bevis said.

Franchisees also utilize the technology to determine how well each client matches a caregiver’s skills and interests. When clients match well with their caregivers, it helps them avoid disruptions in care. The company believes that in order to provide quality service, caregivers and staff need to stay involved with the client, family members, and other professional care providers. Significant changes in a client’s life might mean that their service plan may need adjustments, too. Because all franchise team members are trained using this method, each location is able to ensure a positive and more consistent client experience.

Identifying Strengths and Preferences

For those interested in investing in a home care franchise, Pat Abernathey encourages owners to find what they’re best at and to delegate tasks where they’re less experienced to others. Owners should always be looking for caregiver candidates, understanding their strengths, and matching the right caregivers with clients based on the personalities and preferences of each.

“I suggest that owners really get involved, see where they can shore up things, and get valuable experience,” he said. “Then there are two gas pedals—hiring and marketing.”

While Abernathey’s business has experienced growth over the years, the COVID-19 pandemic and caregiver shortages posed new challenges. Despite that, his focus continues to be on improving the caregiver recruitment process, optimizing online marketing opportunities, and continuing face-to-face marketing efforts. Operating two locations allows him to maximize his resources and spend more face-to-face time with customers, he said.

“Multi-unit ownership is encouraged and easy with a Caring Senior Service franchise. I plan on expanding soon and have the confidence to run multiple offices without physically being present,” he said.

Are You Ready to Invest in a Caring Senior Service Franchise?

Providing support services to seniors and adults with disabilities can be fulfilling and profitable. Based on the latest information from the Caring Senior Service Franchise Disclosure Document, their franchise locations earn an average of $850,000 to $2.3 million in revenue after two years of operation.

Caring Senior Service doesn’t require its owners to have experience in home  care or health care. However, they do expect them to be passionate about helping older adults and their families and getting involved in their communities. To become a franchise candidate, you’ll need to meet these financial requirements:

  • A net worth of $250,000
  • $150,000 liquidity
  • A franchise fee of $49,000 (with discounts available for veterans and minorities)
  • An initial investment ranging from $111,000 to $171,116 (including the franchise fee)

You can also expect to pay a monthly royalty fee of 5% based on your gross revenue.

Franchisees learn how to run a Caring Senior Service franchise by participating in 5 days of virtual training followed by a week-long, interactive on-site training program. An additional 16-week core development coaching offering follows this training. Coaching includes weekly conference calls to help you plan the first four months of your business operations. You’ll receive on-site support during the first two  months of training and have access to Caring University, an online educational platform, and the GreatCare training curriculum whenever you need it.

To operate a home care business, you must obtain state licensure in the states where you’ll provide care. Caring Senior Service provides expert guidance and support to help franchise owners fulfill licensure requirements.

Caring Senior Service has more than 500 open territories across the United States. They also offer a unique opportunity for independent home care operators who want to join a leading home care brand and become part of the Caring Senior Service network.

According to Bevis, “We have a demographic mapping tool that can identify suitable territories, ensuring there is a strong client base and a pool of dedicated caregivers. We see interest and demand for our services everywhere.”

For more information on the Caring Senior Service franchise opportunity, visit:, email: [email protected], or call: 937-545-6278.

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