On-Demand Webinar: Learn About the HomeVestors® Franchise Opportunity

Watch the on-demand HomeVestors® Franchise Opportunity webinar to hear the HomeVestors of America Corporate Team discuss how the franchisor leverages franchisee feedback to enable continuous improvement and the benefits of becoming a HomeVestors franchise owner.

FBR’s President and COO, Michelle Rowan, spoke with Larry Goodman, HomeVestors of America CEO, and John Holman, a one-time HomeVestors Franchisee who has since become a Development Agent (DA).

Larry Goodman has over 35 years of real estate experience and 15 years in various investment and asset management roles. Larry joined the HomeVestors family in July 2022 as COO. Today, he is HomeVestors’ CEO.

HomeVestors Development Agent John Holman has helped many franchisees launch their businesses and succeed. In fact, many franchisees say that John has been a major part of their success.

Watch the On-Demand Webinar Featuring:
Larry Goodman, HomeVestors CEO
John Holman, HomeVestors Development Agent (DA)

HomeVestors began working with Franchise Business Review in 2005. Over the past 18 years, HomeVestors has received 37 FBR awards, including the coveted Hall of Fame award!  Just this year alone, over 350 HomeVestors franchisees completed the FBR survey. Based on that feedback, HomeVestors has received awards as a Top 200 Franchise, Top Recession-Proof Franchise, and Top Low-Cost Franchise.

Highlights from HomeVestors franchisee survey results demonstrate that HomeVestors’ culture focuses on supporting its franchisee family.  :

  • 86% of franchisees “strongly agree” or “agree” they enjoy operating the business. Tell us how HomeVestors values and measures franchisee satisfaction.
  • 83% “agree” or “strongly agree” that the franchisees support each other.

“We have a large franchise system—with many franchisees,” said Larry Goodman.”The fact of the matter is, we’re not in the field. Our franchisees are, and the only way we can continue to improve the system and give our franchisees the greatest chance for success is to listen to franchisee feedback. We take great pride in listening to feedback to help shape the company based on what the franchisee sees every day.” 

“It is very important to both home investors and the HomeVestors‘ DA organization,” said John Holman. “Franchises are our shared customers, and the mission for HomeVestors and the DAs is to help our franchisees become successful. So, franchisee feedback is critically important to helping us adjust what we do and continually improve every day to ensure our franchisees succeed. Having been a HomeVestors franchise owner myself, I have a unique perspective that I can share with people looking to join the HomeVestors as well as those who have purchased their franchises. I’ve been there, and I love to help other franchisees get as much out of their businesses as possible.” 

“We have franchisees with real estate experience and those who have no real estate experience at all. It’s not a requirement. Our ideal franchisee is someone who is confident and curious, someone who aspires to try new things and grow,” Goodman said. “It’s important to have an outgoing and relationship-focused personality—to want to help people—because that’s what we do. As our tagline suggests, we buy ugly houses! We help clients out of ugly situations.  So, developing relationships with clients, understanding their needs, and helping them achieve their goals is critical. Our franchisees, for the most part, fix and flip. They’re buying homes, renovating them, and selling them. So you have to have an interest in doing that. But it’s not about the houses. It’s about the people.” 

“It’s very important that franchisees genuinely care to help people because, although we seem to be in the real estate business and we are, we’re really in the business of helping people with real estate problems,” said Holman. “Not everyone is an ideal fit for the HomeVestors franchise opportunity. But you must have empathy and sympathy—the desire to help other people out of a problem that involves real estate. The franchisees that work best in this business are those who have the energy and focus to build relationships and really execute this business correctly. It works for people who don’t have any real estate background and for those who do.”

To learn more about the HomeVestors franchise opportunity and working with the We Buy Ugly Houses® company, visit Franchise.HomeVestors.com


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