FBR Featured Franchisee Zane Glover of Payroll Vault

Franchise Business Review recently spoke with Zane Glover of Payroll Vault to gain insight into what it’s like to be a franchise owner.

Name: Zane Glover

Location: Fort Collins, CO

Franchise owner since: 2017

How many units do you own? Do you have plans to expand someday?

We have one territory through which we run payroll all over the United States. As a payroll provider, we are constantly growing.

How many employees do you currently have?

We have six employees and three contractors working for us.

When did you open your business?

We opened in late 2017.

What is your background? Did you have prior experience within the industry?  

I previously worked in IT building networks and left to start a payroll business. My wife is a CPA and her firm, like most CPAs, did not want to run payroll. So we moved those clients to Payroll Vault.

What made you decide to transition into franchising with Payroll Vault?

Support. Being with a franchise allows us to significantly better support our clients–from audits, security, insurance, and tech support–all the things you don’t think about when choosing a payroll provider but really are important.

What were your top criteria when researching franchises?  

We knew the franchisor directly. Our top priority was finding a franchise that offers excellent and reliable support to franchisees.

What are you most proud of and why? 

We have a wonderful team. Every individual goes out of their way to support our clients.

There are a number of franchises available. Did you look at others and what made you decide to go with Payroll Vault?

Payroll Vault was and is the best option. It is important to have a franchisor that cares about your success and will listen to feedback.

Did you look at other types of business service franchises or maybe non-business service brands?

We thought about self-running a payroll business (without franchise support) and I am glad we did not go that route.

Do you currently participate in the Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys? Do you feel your feedback is heard?

Yes. We participate in the Franchisee Satisfaction Surveys and believe changes have been made based upon recommendations.

What were the first few months like when you opened your business?

There is a learning curve in the beginning. Though we had good support with on-boarding clients.

Looking back now, is there anything you would have done differently? Any lessons learned that you want to share?

Hire the best people. We have been lucky in that area so far.

What was your biggest challenge when you think back to the first year or two in business?

Software integration. Although we now support our clients in our one advanced software package.

How have you connected with your local community? Have you joined any local groups or Chamber of Commerce organizations?

Yes. We belong to a number of groups and chambers. Getting to know and helping out local business owners is very rewarding,

Do you partner with any other local businesses in any way?

Yes. We refer clients to local CPAs.

For more information on Payroll Vault franchise opportunities:

Call: (303) 763-1829

Visit: https://www.payrollvault.com/franchise/