Ask the Franchisor: How Does the Corporate Team Help Franchise Owners Overcome Challenges?

Going the extra mile to assist franchise owners in overcoming challenges is a strategic investment that yields long-term benefits. By being dialed into franchise owners’ needs and the hurdles they face, franchisors create a positive and collaborative atmosphere within the franchise system. Addressing challenges proactively demonstrates a commitment to the franchise system’s mutual success, growth, and sustainability. Satisfied and successful franchisees become brand advocates, which, in turn, attracts new franchisees and customers.

The benefits of supporting franchisees extend beyond immediate problem-solving. It fosters a collaborative and mutually beneficial partnership, enhances the brand’s reputation, attracts new stakeholders, and ensures the long-term prosperity of the entire franchise ecosystem. We asked some of the leading franchise brands to tell us about how the franchise system helps franchise owners overcome challenges. 

Q: How Does the Corporate Team Help Franchise Owners Overcome Challenges?

Jeff Bevis Caring Senior Service Franchise COO
Jeff Bevis, Caring Senior Service

“One of our franchise owners had a personal health challenge earlier this year, which caused them to reduce their working hours. Because we remain in close contact with every franchise owner, we provided onsite help and additional training for the owner’s management team to help keep their team on track, focused, and growing even faster while the owner battled health challenges. The owner has regained 100% health and truly credits our added support and guidance for making a difference in their new success.” Jeff Bevis, COO, Caring Senior Service

“Because staffing can be an issue, Any Lab Test Now provides Franchise Business Coaches and resources such as CareerPlug to help franchise owners build and maintain their teams. We’ve also developed an intensive medical assistant certification course for franchise owners who desire to train their medical assistants on everything from store organization and customer experience to tests and services. Finally, our Business Development Department trains franchisees to develop relationships with local vocational health schools. The franchisee has the ability to bring in externs from the schools, which creates a secondary pipeline of potential employees.” Terri McCulloch, Vice President, Business Development, Any Lab Test Now

Terri McCulloch Any Lab Test Now
Terri McCulloch, Any Lab Test Now

“The home office conducts LearningRx Center case studies with franchisees not meeting their performance goals. During a case study, the support team and franchisee review sales metrics, marketing investment, expenses, and referrals and develop an action plan to help the franchisee improve in needed areas. Case studies are available anytime the franchisee requests and included in new franchisees’ first-year coaching program. Role-play to improve sales conversions or brainstorming for ideas to reduce expenses are often included.” Natalie Speakman, Director of Development, LearningRx

Some owners have experienced challenges growing and maintaining manpower—something consistent throughout the franchising industry. External factors such as the pandemic and “The Great Resignation” turned our focus to individual location bench strength. We market and optimize each location’s specific menu of services to ensure they remain steady and profitable and develop their teams in their respective markets.” Jason Mitchell, VP of Marketing and Communications, The Glass Guru

Angela Coppler Cousins Maine Lobster
Angela Coppler, Cousins Maine Lobster

“As a franchisor, it is a privilege to serve franchisees who have dedicated themselves to our brand. Our franchisees face daily challenges across people, operations, marketing, technology, and development. Operating mobile food units adds a layer of complexity to running great restaurants. As smaller franchisees seek to grow, they require access to new resources like more sophisticated accounting practices and resources, new banking or lending relationships, or even new back-of-house software providers. As a franchisor, we actively engage in industry events and continue to build our third-party relationships to bring capable partners to the table to help address the ‘growing pains’ that come from a thriving business.” Angela Coppler, Head of Development, Cousins Maine Lobster

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