An Interview with Spoiled Rotten Photography Franchise Owner, Amanda Day

Spoiled Rotten Photography Spotlight

Franchise Business Review’s President and COO, Michelle Rowan, met with Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise owner Amanda Day to discuss her path to franchise ownership and the benefits of owning her Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise.

Amanda is a professional photographer and Spoiled Rotten franchisee in Kansas City. After college, she worked for a mutual fund company for several years and enjoyed doing photography on the side. When her daughter came home with her school photos one day, Amanda thought she’d love to do that for a living. That’s when she started researching photography franchises.

“I started looking online and researching photography franchises. I spoke with several, but when I met Melissa Tash, the founder of Spoiled Rotten Photography, everything just clicked. Our values aligned, and she answered every question I had. She was always available to speak with me. I felt like she was someone I could become friends with. That’s when I began planning to transition out of my full-time job to franchise ownership.” 

“Right now, I’m the only photographer, and I have a handful of assistants who help me get set up at the schools to shoot for the morning. Then I go home and process the photos, and I’m able to get my kids off the bus. I’m so thrilled to have the flexibility to be there for my kids and spend much more time with them when they’re on school break than I would have if I still worked in corporate America.”  

“I have a super positive outlook on life! I love learning, and I’m no stranger to hard work. I grew up on a farm in Kansas, where my parents instilled a strong work ethic in me. I apply that work ethic to my Spoiled Rotten franchise business every day! I love the creativity and flexibility. I love following my passion.” 

“You don’t have to be a photographer to get into this business. But, you do need to enjoy children—because that’s our jam! The Spoiled Rotten Photography franchise provides thorough training on photography and the business model, plus ongoing training and support. Each year we have a huge conference where we can meet the franchisee family and the home office team in person. We have training and networking sessions and just bond with one another. It was really fun! It felt like an adult sleepaway camp! We have a blast getting to know one another and talking about our challenges and rewards. We offer each other advice, encouragement, and support. This company really supports its franchisees in every way. I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about this to go ahead and learn more about the opportunity. It’s so rewarding. I’ve just had the best summer of my life with my children. I would never have had this kind of time and flexibility in my corporate job.” 

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