Jordan Wuest, Franchise Rock Star, JPAR Real Estate

Jordan Wuest was nominated for a 2022 Rock Star Award by the JPAR Real Estate leadership team under the Millennials category. He was chosen by Franchise Business Review from among 200+ nominations for his outstanding achievements as JPAR franchise owner in Wichita, KS.

What advice do you have for someone considering investing in a franchise?

Do your homework on the company. Evaluate the heart of the ownership and if the business direction, culture, and leadership team mirror your career goals. Go for it and don’t let it pass you up!

If you could start all over again, which mistake(s) would you avoid? What were your best decisions?

Mistakes: Thinking I had to work on a written, structured plan with no fluidity. I realized early on I need to remain flexible and adaptable to any and every change in the marketplace.

Best decisions: Being a non-competing Broker/Owner. Be marathon minded, less short-term. That mindset has proven to be helpful in building a strong, empowered team and culture.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome as a business owner?

Ensuring I have the right people in the right seats to help me achieve my vision. I’ve had to learn, and am still learning, that you have to either ‘coach them up’ or ‘coach them out’. It’s tough, but a necessary function of owning a business.

Is there a book or podcast that has helped you in starting or building your business?

Traction by Gino Wickman.

What is your proudest achievement in your franchising career so far?

Truly cultivating a culture and team of like-minded, influential industry leaders!

What was your work history before you entered franchising? How did you apply those skills to your franchise?

While going through school to obtain a degree in Accounting, I was a store manager in charge of on average, 15-20 employees. I also was responsible for monitoring EBITDA for my particular store, so understanding the company’s vision (both with people and financial) was paramount to how I structured my franchise.

Did the pandemic or recession impact your business and, if so, what were the lessons learned from the experience?

I bought into this franchise in the middle of the pandemic. While a scary decision to make considering the uncertainty of economic and societal impacts, fortunately the Real Estate industry was booming and allowed for a nice ramp-up in our market.

What do you like most about your franchise organization today?

We have leadership and owners who are unequivocally fanatical about the success of our organization, and more importantly, the success of each other. Collectively, we continue to collaborate, elevate and innovate in our space, and it is so fun to be a part of this like-minded group of leaders and owners!

Why do you think franchising is a good option for Millennials?

You have the backing of an organization who has had their hiccups so you won’t (in theory) repeat them. You are backed by the franchise’s marketshare and reputation. Also, many times, it can be more affordable than attempting a startup. A franchise has the capacity to negotiate deals with partnering vendors on stronger deals with more economically friendly options.

How do you think the Millennial generation will change the future of franchising?

It is no secret that Millennials, overall, want flexibility, personal expression and a sense of purpose in the workspace. There is already a shift in Millennials not wanting to work for ‘the man’, they want to build themselves. This is evident in the rise of startups, for example. With Franchising, they can have that sense of purpose, backed again by a stable organization, and build their business and personal vision to the moon!

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