Real Estate Broker Scales-Up His Business as a JPAR Franchise Owner

JPAR real estate franchise owner

Even though Ryan Jonke already enjoyed a successful career as the owner of his own real estate brokerage, he was looking for an enhanced infrastructure and framework to help him scale his business and offer more value and benefit to his agents. After conducting some research, he found the ideal real estate franchise opportunity as a JPAR Real Estate franchise owner. Launching this new endeavor in April 2020 in his hometown of Arvada, Colorado, has helped him grow in many different ways, but nothing has had a bigger impact on his real estate practice than the technological boost provided by the JPAR franchise business model. Thanks to the training, proven systems, operational support, and tech stack provided by the franchisor, the productivity level of Ryan’s business has helped him go from 600 career transactions to over 5,000. But the value he’s getting as a JPAR Modern Real Estate doesn’t end there. Ryan relishes his weekly check-in conferences with his corporate partner, where they continually discuss further ways to scale his operation to keep more money in the pockets of his team of agents. In his own words, Ryan shares his journey to JPAR franchise ownership.

Were you focused on a specific industry or brand from the start?

I have owned my brokerage since April 2007 and have been the managing broker during that time, assisting our over 100 agents through transactions. So I focused on finding a like-minded real estate franchise to help us scale our business and offer more to our agents.

When researching franchise opportunities, what criteria mattered to you most?

We are a like-minded agent-centric franchise that offers high value and low costs. Our goal has always been to keep as much money as possible in the pockets of our agents without sacrificing their value.

Did you speak with other JPAR franchise owners?

I did. I asked about their experience so far with JPAR, how it has helped them in their business, and if the items they offered and promised were accurate.

Which questions did you ask JPAR Real Estate Franchise Leadership?

I really went through their track record as a company, their philosophy, and their long-term goals for growing as a brand.

What were your biggest challenges when you first started out?

There was a ton of new technology and systems we had to learn. We just dug in and learned what everything was, so we could explain and show our agents the value the tech stack would add to their business.

How does the JPAR franchise support and encourage your success?

They are great! We have weekly collaboration meetings, and they consistently reach out to see how they can help us grow. Furthermore, they’re always looking at smart ways to improve the value proposition we provide to our agents, and they have great minds for helping us as business owners achieve our goals.

What are you most proud of as a JPAR franchise owner, and why?

Our commitment to helping our agents through tech offerings, support, training, and availability.

What advice would you give to potential JPAR franchise buyers?

Do your due diligence, explore and compare franchise opportunities, embrace change, and be open to new ideas and concepts.

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