JPAR Real Estate Franchise Rock Star Builds a Leading Brokerage

Shauna Gut has owned her own JPAR Real Estate franchise since July 2021, closing in on her second full year as a franchisee. This transaction-based, full-service real estate brokerage gives owners the ability to recruit their own agents and build their businesses to scale. Though she had prior experience as a real estate agent, she never felt supported by the brand she once represented. This time around, it’s much different. And her determination to succeed in this new venture produced some astonishing numbers right out of the gate. In just the first six months, she grew her agent base by 188%. Within the first year, that number rose to 288%. As you’ll see, Shauna is one of those rare individuals whose drive and pursuit of excellence sets a high bar for others.

JPAR Real Estate Franchise—A Model Built for Success

As far as Shauna Gut is concerned, there’s a lot to like about owning a JPAR Elite Real Estate franchise. She was determined to lead her own brokerage, but past experiences had left her unfulfilled. “The main reason I wanted to open my own brokerage is that many of the brokerages I knew did not care whether the agent succeeded or failed. They were collecting a monthly fee, and there was no vested interest in the agent. With JPAR, franchise owners get the training, backup, and assistance that can’t be found in other opportunities. Plus, added advantages like built-in resources, tools, mentorship, accountability groups, and operational systems. JPAR has weekly status meetings to ensure that all my legalities are completed in a timely manner and assists with any ongoing questions. They also hosted a New Owner’s Bootcamp, touching on all areas of franchise ownership. So much great information was provided, and I could ask real-world questions with current owners across the country and in various phases of start-up and growth.”

A Real Player’s Coach

Shauna Gut has taken a real player’s coach mentality to own her JPAR Real Estate franchise. What’s important to her is recruiting the right agents and building a team capable of leaving a lasting legacy in the local community of satisfied real estate customers. But where she really excels is coaching and mentorship for her own team of agents. She designed a collaborative network where feedback and ideas are freely exchanged, but being the perfectionist she is, she simply wasn’t quite satisfied with the program. So, she went right back to the drawing board and redesigned it from scratch. This type of leadership extends to training calls with other JPAR Real Estate franchise owners – especially the newer ones, which is one of the reasons she was selected for membership in the brand’s owner advisory board. “What I like most about my day-to-day operation is the conversations that come up between me and my agents. But I must confess that my favorite part is when I overhear one agent helping another without monetary gain or expectation. I’m experiencing first-hand a community of conversation over the competition.”

Giving Back to the Community

First and foremost, Shauna is a dedicated wife and mother to her daughter, as her family-first mentality dictates her priorities in life. But it hasn’t stopped her from setting an example for her daughter when it comes to charitable works and giving back to the community that supports her business. She’s one of the most active participants in local endeavors, most notably the Special Olympics, where she alone raised $5,000 by participating in the annual Polar Plunge initiative. She has an innate understanding that when one sets an example, others are sure to follow.

Shauna Gut is a prime example of a franchise owner who’s earned the well-deserving title of ‘Rock Star.’ Never one to rest on her laurels, she’s out to take her achievements to the next level by expanding her enterprise operation. “My short-term goals and actions help facilitate my long-term goals to continue to build and refine our agent experience so our agents continue to thrive within our community. I want to serve agents in all areas of town, expanding and adding more offices within the Greater Las Vegas Valley. My local efforts, along with the efforts of my franchisee peers in now 27 states, will solidify the JPAR brand within the real estate industry, being well-known for curating top-producing industry leaders who serve their communities with integrity.” As a native of Las Vegas, she’s making it a priority to keep her client’s best interests at heart, helping them with all of their residential real estate needs.

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