Caring Senior Service Franchise Owners Connect with Caregivers, Staff, and Resources through the Caring Hub

Caring senior service franchise care hub caring senior service franchise caring hub

When former marketing executive Rick Casey and his wife, Kathy, a registered nurse, began researching franchise opportunities in the healthcare sector, one of their concerns was recruiting caregivers and employees. When they discovered the ways in which the Caring Senior Service franchise empowered franchise owners to connect with the resources they needed, they knew they had found the right fit. 

“We liked that the Caring Senior Service franchise was smaller and more intimate than other concepts we explored. And the founders interfaced with me right away,” Rick said. “We connected immediately. We liked the fact that they were focused on providing all the training and support we would need to succeed.” 

Caring Senior Service is a Texas-based franchise with 55 locations. They provide non-medical, in-home care services to seniors and adults needing extra support. Caring Senior Service owners recruit caregivers who help seniors with medication reminders, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, and errands—all of which help clients avoid relocation from their homes while maintaining their safety and independence. 

Even though the concept would require caregiver recruitment, the Caseys were ready to make the leap, launching their business in 2011. 

Recruiting Made Easy Through the Caring Hub

Because some of the company’s executives also own their own franchises, the Caring Senior Service team is as deeply engaged in the day-to-day challenges. For example, one of the biggest challenges any in-home care business faces is hiring and retaining caregivers to provide client services. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2021, 3.6 million home health and personal care aides cared for seniors and people with disabilities. The need to fill these positions is projected to grow by 25% by 2031—a growth rate higher than the average for all other occupations over the next decade. 

Over 700,000 caregiver jobs are projected to open annually during this time. Recognizing those challenges, the Caring Senior Service franchise created proprietary tools and developed systems to help support franchise owners with recruiting, new client intake, scheduling, and other critical tasks. 

“We have about 50 to 60 caregivers on the schedule at any time. We’re also doing intakes, talking to clients and their families, and providing continuing service,” Rick said. “The Caring Senior Service corporate office developed the Caring Hub—a team that helps tremendously with recruiting and allows us to connect with people in person or on the phone without interruption.”

Caring Senior Service’s Caring Hub helps save time for owners and their office staff. The Hub team assists with caregiver/staff acquisition, sourcing, filtering, and handling incoming service inquiries. Best of all, the Hub supplements franchisees’ local recruiting efforts. Owners specify advertising locations and create campaigns with the national office that supplement their local campaigns. When caregivers respond to national ads, they’re initially routed to the Hub, where representatives share information about the company, collect data about the applicants, and send over information to the appropriate franchise owner.

“The recruiting process is critical because out of the vast majority of people we interface with, very few make it through the whole recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding process,” Rick said. “Out of 50 or 60 applicants, probably only two to four make it on board. Part of it is self-attrition, but most of it is our selection process—we won’t put anybody in front of our clients that we wouldn’t trust with our own parents.” 

Vetting and Investing in the Right People

In addition to solid recruiting practices, the Caring Senior Service corporate office devotes a significant amount of time to caregiver onboarding after the initial training period. 

During a caregiver’s 60- to 90-day probationary period, franchise owners and their staff make regular supervisory visits to ensure clients and caregivers are happy with their experience. Retention is vital, as average caregiver turnover in the industry can be as high as 77%, according to the 2023 HCP Benchmarking Report. Caregiver turnover for the Caring Senior Service network is dramatically lower! The Caseys still employ caregivers who’ve been with him since they started their business—and others who’ve recently celebrated five or seven years with the franchise.

“We have a nice, solid core of people we want to take care of,” Rick said. “We do that through public recognition, rewards, outings, and things like that.”

Caring Senior Services also offers online, on-demand classes through the Caring University to help caregivers better understand various patient conditions and safety practices. For example, if caregivers are matched with new clients who live with heart disease or have orthopedic challenges, the classes help them better understand how to care for them.

The company’s investments in its people continue to pay off. In 2023, the company has seen a 21% increase in caregiver retention, according to Chrissy Ronje, Director of Hub Services for Caring Senior Service.

“Using our proprietary software, combined with AI technology, we have developed some instrumental systems and processes that allow our owners and offices to improve workflows and differentiate themselves from competitors,” she said.

As the Baby Boomer population across the country ages, Caring Senior Service franchise owners like the Caseys feel good about helping alleviate stress by helping busy families care for their loved ones.

“Moms and dads are stressed out because they’re trying to care for their parents, manage their careers, and care for their kids,” Rick said. “One of our true blessings is that we get to take care of people we know and help their families. This brings us a great deal of fulfillment.”

The Caseys love operating their Caring Senior Service North Houston location. In 2022, they were honored to receive the company’s annual “The Fox and the Hedgehog Award.”

“The fox may be a complex thinker, but the hedgehog has the ability to focus on a single path toward excellence,” Jeff Salter, founder and CEO of Caring Senior Service, explained. “Like the hedgehog, Rick and Kathy Casey are big-idea people focused on success. Like the fox, they understand the value of their decisions and work meticulously to achieve their daily goals.”

Are You Ready to Put Your Heart into a Caring Senior Service Franchise?

Caring Senior Service might be the right fit for you if you’re interested in supporting adults who need extra support and companionship backed by a company invested in your success. In a recent Franchise Business Review Client Satisfaction Survey:

  • 87% of franchisees agreed their franchisor cares about their success. 
  • 86% of franchisees agreed senior management promotes a clear vision for the company.
  • 84% of franchisees agreed that they enjoy being part of their organization.

Owning a Caring Senior Service location can be lucrative. Based on the latest information from the Caring Senior Service Franchise Disclosure Document, the company’s franchises earn an average of $850,000 to $2.3 million in revenue after two years of operation.

Although it’s helpful, you don’t need experience in home care or health care to succeed. However, Caring Senior Service franchise owners must be passionate about helping older adults and their families and actively involved in their local communities. 

To get started as a Caring Senior Service franchise candidate, you’ll need to meet these financial requirements:

  • A net worth of $250,000
  • $150,000 liquidity
  • A franchise fee of $49,000 (with discounts available for veterans and minorities)
  • An initial investment ranging from $111,000 to $171,116 (including the franchise fee)
  • You can also expect to pay a monthly royalty fee of 5% based on your gross revenue.

Once you become a franchise owner, you’ll learn the business by participating in 5 days of virtual training, followed by a week-long, interactive on-site training program. 

Franchisees also benefit from an additional 16-week core development coaching offering. The coaching program includes weekly conference calls to help you plan the first four months of your business operations. You’ll receive on-site support during your first two months of training and have access to Caring University, an online educational platform, and the GreatCare training curriculum whenever needed.

To operate an in-home care business, you must be licensed in the states where you’ll provide care. The Caring Senior Service franchise system guides and supports franchise owners as they work to fulfill licensure requirements.

More than 500 open Caring Senior Service territories across the United States offer a unique opportunity for those who want to join a leading brand and become part of the Caring Senior Service network.

For more information on the Caring Senior Service franchise opportunity, visit, email [email protected], or call 210 872-5392