Jeff Bevis, Co-Founder & CEO, FirstLight Home Care

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Why do you think your franchisees rate your leadership team so high?

We believe it is based on several factors, including a) we say what we’ll do and do what we say, b) we put and keep franchise owner input as #1 relating to EVERYTHING we do in all facets of our business, and c) we see it as only fair and consistent since we expect our owners to exude the highest quality of service in our industry that WE set that example to them via every interaction we have as well.

What traits do you look for in a franchisee?

Caring and passion for serving others + strong organization skills + strong communication skills + strong presentation skills + strong commitment to follow the FirstLight Home Care model and requirements + working capital.

How would you describe your brand’s culture?

Deeply committed to continual improvement, supportive of all new ideas, encourage brainstorming and collaboration across our franchisor and franchisee teams, a direct-simple approach to executing core fundamentals of the business better than anyone else, and caring for each other (franchisees, franchisor, key suppliers) with added focus and attention unmatched anywhere else. It is what we internally espouse as our “Culture of Care.”

What advice would you give to other franchise leaders?

  • Be fanatical about screening and filtering throughout your franchise development process to enable the very strongest, most likely to succeed candidates to become new owners of your brand. Aspire, communicate and recognize that your franchisees are your client and everything you do as a franchisor MUST benefit them (if not, don’t do it).
  • Take the long-term view (not always easy) to do the right thing, and make the added investment for longer-term success.
  • Pay attention to culture throughout your brand and continually hold the franchisor to a higher standard to set the right example to your franchisees.
  • Measure everything.

Who/what inspires you as a leader?

Simon Sinek and The Power of Why; John Maxwell; the relentless pursuit to be the best in our industry!

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