JPAR Franchise Owner Shines as 2024 Freshman Rock Star

JPAR real estate franchise rock star

Sometimes, thanks to their motivation, drive, and commitment, the new kid on the block can outshine even the veteran players. And that certainly describes Garrison Vandine—one of the more recent franchisees to join JPAR Real Estate’s vast network of owners. Garrison joined the JPAR franchise family in 2023, establishing a territory in the Denver suburb of Littleton, and it didn’t take him long to get noticed. Thanks to Garrison’s hands-on demeanor and affinity for helping others, he’s made a big enough splash that JPAR saw fit to name him their  2024 Freshman Franchisee Rock Star.

Meet Garrison Vandine—JPAR Franchise Rock Star of the Year

This year, Garrison is celebrating his 10th year as a licensed real estate agent in Colorado. His success is due to a dogged pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder. Starting as an individual agent operating independently, he became a mentor, team leader, and finally, the owner of his brokerage with JPAR Real Estate franchising. He has a passion for selling residential real estate and helping other agents build up their businesses so they can get to the next level. This abundance of selflessness is rare, which is precisely why Garrison deserves to be singled out for his commitment to helping other real estate agents grow and prosper. And there’s more to the story, as his ambition leads him on a personal mission to establish a second JPAR franchise in his home state of Arizona.

Why the JPAR Real Estate Franchise Chose This Freshman Rock Star” 

As it turns out, JPAR’s franchise leadership has quite a list of reasons for choosing Garrison as their Rock Star in the Freshman category. His genuine concern and attention to providing a superior customer experience are at the top of the list. They love how he’s quick to offer advice and solutions to any problem and his serene calmness under pressure. His selflessness is evident to all who cross paths with him, and he’s known for going the extra mile to help others gain exposure in their local communities. Lastly, it didn’t hurt that Garrison is an overnight success story at his JPAR Platinum Real Estate firm. In his first year as a franchisee, he grew from a single-agent operation to having a staff of 10 brokers on his team.  

In his own words, Garrison shares the story of his journey from new franchise owner to JPAR Franchise Rock Star.

During your research, what made the JPAR franchise opportunity stand out?

JPAR is more adaptable and cooperative than any of the other franchise brands I spoke with. They actively listen to their owners, make changes based on the feedback, and constantly look at what they can do to stay ahead of the pack instead of following.

How did the JPAR franchise help you prepare for and launch your business?

A week of intense training prepared us for everything from using the tools and systems provided to creating and implementing marketing, recruiting, and sales plans.

What advice would you give to potential JPAR franchise owners? 

The other JPAR owners should be your best friends! There is so much talent and knowledge here that I know I can find an owner with the answer to any question or challenge I face. And we are very excited to help each other whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Name three things that helped you ramp up quickly.

  1. Follow the advice of those who are one step ahead of you.
  2. Focus on one great idea at a time. Don’t fall victim to shiny object syndrome.
  3. Be involved in an accountability group.

What aspects of owning a franchise surprised you the most?

The power of the franchise is in the people that you work with. The tools, brand, systems, etc., are all great. But the real success of a franchise comes from the people who are here to support you and help you grow.

What are your long-term goals as a JPAR franchise owner? 

In the long term, I am determined to open a second location in Arizona, my birth state. As we establish our initial location, I am discovering that I can successfully replicate this process with a strong leadership team and share the value I’ve gained from JPAR with more real estate agents.

Exploring the JPAR Real Estate Franchise Opportunity

JPAR franchise owners enjoy exceptional benefits, comprehensive training, and a cutting-edge technology package offering advanced CRM solutions, lead generation, marketing, transaction management, and productivity enhancement.

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