Meet The N2 Company Franchise Rock Star Who’s Every Bit as Humble as He Is Successful

Jordan Espeseth The N2 Company Real Producers Franchise Rock Star

There are those rare individuals in life who don’t just pull the ladder up behind them when they make it to the top. Rather, they keep the ladder in place and extend a helping hand to others who want to climb upwards. This tenet best describes Jordan Espeseth, who joined The N2 Company as a Real Producers franchise owner in 2018. Today, he maintains four territories in the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and has become the picture of success within the brand. What makes Jordan deserving of his newly minted “Rock Star” status is his own humility and willingness to help others at every turn. He’s easily risen to the top of his franchisor’s ranks and is known as one of the top leaders and producers for The N2 Company brand. Real Producers recently invited him to represent the brand on their Franchise Advisory Board. What makes Jordan’s journey even more exemplary is that, at the age of 34, he’s classified as a Millennial and looking forward to many more years of success with this award-winning brand.  

Meet Jordan Espeseth—The N2 Company Franchise Rock Star

It took a while for Jordan’s future to unfold as he blazed a trail to where he is today. After earning a bachelor’s degree in nursing and a two-year physical therapy residency, he only worked in the industry for seven months before he decided it really wasn’t for him. He then tried life coaching, which took him to an event in 2017 where he was introduced to the Real Producers franchise opportunity. It was a match made in Heaven, as he quickly determined how much of a fit he was for franchise ownership. And in a little over five years’ time, he’s risen straight to the top.

Why The N2 Company, Real Producers Chose This “Rock Star” 

Simply put, Jordan was a shoo-in for this award nomination. He’s so inspirational, in fact, that the brand often puts him in front of other franchisees to share the story of his unique entrepreneurial journey. The executive leadership team at Real Producers wants him to share the story of how he was in his mid-twenties and $70K in debt when he first began. They love for him to explain how 38 tries were needed to make his first sale. And they encourage him to share what he believes matters most in the world of business sales – being confident about your abilities, even when things aren’t going well. Jordan delivers every time, sharing his favorite quote, “Confidence is a result of action, not a prerequisite for it.” For this and many other reasons, Jordan was a unanimous choice to be selected as a Rock Star in the Millennial category for The N2 Company franchise. 

In his own words, Jordan shares his journey to Real Producers Franchise Rock Star fame.

During your research, what made The N2 Company franchise stand out?

When I heard about The N2 Company brand, Real Producers, I fell in love with the concept! Before I started Real Producers, I traveled around the country speaking at realtor events, and one thing I quickly learned was that it is very easy to get in front of real estate agents. But getting in front of the real estate agents that produce is very difficult. Real Producers solves that problem in a big way. So, I loved the value Real Producers brings to each market and how the N2Co sets up their franchise model. It is very lucrative, and there is much room for growth, expansion, innovation, etc.

How did your franchisor help you to prepare for and launch your business?

The N2Co supplied me with everything I needed to create a thriving business. The initial training was powerful and felt like drinking from a fire hydrant. But they assign each franchisee with a coach who talks to you weekly, there are multiple group calls to hop on for additional training, and they also give you all the scripts you need to rock and roll.

What advice would you give to potential Real Producers franchise owners? 

If you are accepted and choose to start a franchise with the N2Co…commit! I think that the fact that there is no initial franchise fee to start with N2 is a double-edged sword. It is a huge blessing for those who may not be able to afford a large franchise fee, But they also have less skin in the game. So, when the going gets tough, and it will…just like any business, it can be easier to walk away too early because there is no big upfront franchise fee. Put your back against the wall, burn the boats, and take action. You will be extremely grateful if you do.

Name three key things that empower your success.

Stay plugged in with your coach and the training. This is huge. Focus on the activity and not the result. If you focus on the activity, the result will come. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Keep it simple: follow the process and the path before you; if you do, the results will follow.

What unique aspects do you bring to business ownership as a millennial franchisee?

Millennials can bring a fresh perspective to our business. The company has provided the foundation for everything we need, but just as it does with every industry, innovation is a must. We can often bring a unique and creative spin on everything that can help propel us into a brighter future.

What might surprise people about millennial business owners?

We are not afraid of hard work! However, we don’t want to work harder than we need to. We often find creative solutions that allow us to work smarter, not harder, creating efficiency and increased value.

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