Multi-Unit Stretch Zone Franchise Owner Works Hard, Has Fun, Finds Life Balance

Katie Webb, Stretch Zone franchise owner

When Katie Webb discovered Stretch Zone, she wasn’t on the hunt for a specific industry—she was on the lookout for a certain culture. After meeting with the founder and CEO of the Stretch Zone franchise, she knew she had struck gold. The service and business model resonated with her deeply, and she took the leap! The alignment Katie felt with Stretch Zone’s culture was undeniable, and she soon discovered that the services provided were exemplary. Today, she proudly owns three Stretch Zone franchise locations, including two of the top performers nationwide, and has 28 employees. Here is a glimpse into Katie’s journey to multi-unit franchise ownership—in her own words.

Why did you purchase a franchise rather than start an independent business?

I purchased a franchise instead of starting another independent business because I wanted to support the community that comes with this franchise in particular. I own an independent business, but nothing compares to having the Stretch Zone team in my corner every day.

Were you focused on a specific industry or brand from the start?

When I came across Stretch Zone, I wasn’t searching for a specific industry but a certain culture. Within minutes of meeting the founder and CEO of Stretch Zone, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Then, I learned more about the service and business model, which all resonated with me, so I went for it!

Which of your prior skills and experiences are most helpful in operating your Stretch Zone franchise?

Outside of being a diligent and dedicated person, I think the previous coaching I received from owning my business set me up for success. I learned the value of following my core values! I love challenging myself to improve in all aspects of life. Whenever it’s calm at work, or I have everything in place, I say, “Hmmm, what system or area can I work on today since I have some extra time?” I also believe in life balance! I appreciate having slow mornings and fun weekends (as long as all my work is done beforehand).

When researching franchises to buy, what criteria mattered to you most?

For me, the criteria for purchasing a franchise were simple. I felt very aligned with the company’s culture. I wholeheartedly believe in the service and product.

Did you use FBR’s website or download franchisee satisfaction reports?

Yes! I conducted research on FBR’s website. 

Did you speak with other Stretch Zone franchise owners? 

Yes, I spoke with several other franchisees! I spoke with the owners that Stretch Zone franchise leadership put me in contact with, and I also found several on my own to understand as much as possible from several points of view. I asked them about their biggest challenges, how much support they felt from corporate, their favorite part of their job, daily duties, margins, whether they used the service regularly, what has been the biggest change within the company since they bought their franchise, and whether they would buy another one.

Which questions did you ask Stretch Zone franchise leadership?

I asked our franchisor some questions, but I also listened and observed a lot. What I was trying to figure out was why everyone was there, whether we had the same core values, whether I could work with this team regularly, and what my day would look like as an owner. I also wanted data related to profit, sales, and operations.

What were your biggest challenges when you first started out, and how did you overcome them?

I didn’t really have any huge challenges. Developing my team, creating systems that worked for me, and opening a second studio in the same city forced me to be creative with marketing. Opening a third Stretch Zone location in a different city helped me learn to utilize other tools available besides just being in the studio regularly. It’s all been pretty smooth—placing the right team around you and having the support of the franchisor makes even challenging obstacles feel easy to overcome.

How does the Stretch Zone franchise support and encourage your success?

The Stretch Zone franchise supports us 1000%. I love my franchisors, and everyone working there has been fun, flat-out hardworking, and enjoyable to be around and communicate with.

What are you most proud of as a Stretch Zone franchise owner, and why?

I am so proud to have two top-producing locations in the nation.

What advice would you give to new or potential Stretch Zone franchise buyers?

It will only be easy and successful if you work hard to stabilize your team and systems upfront. So go all in, get set up on the front end, and then stay focused on the culture once things are set up!

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